To celebrate World Book Day on 3 March, we asked customers flying with us on 10 separate flights on the day to enter a competition by creating their very own novel.

The mechanics were simple – willing passengers could enter the competition by contributing a few lines to the novel which made its way around the aircraft during the flight. This was their chance to let their imagination run wild and really get creative with the theme given. Plus by participating, they could be in with a chance to win a FREE pair of flights!

The 10 resulting novels from the competing flights were then sent to be judged back at our head office in Luton. And I can tell you that they didn’t disappoint! We received some magnificent stories, from futuristic travel plots to War of the Worlds-style novels.


It was a tough task to pick a winner, but after much deliberation we can reveal that flight ZB-962 flying from Birmingham to Barcelona got the top spot. Here’s the story they produced, enjoy!

In the world of tomorrow, people will be teleported to different countries as part of a global fight to fight the terminators.

The journey to this world, so far, has been different and has caused much social upheaval as people adjust their lives to escape the terror of the new overlords.

Each day a new terminator comes to earth to create more destruction amongst the people of Earth, until one day a new species arrives to help the humans in their hour of need.

Instead of welcoming the well-meaning new species, the human race capture them, confining them to laboratories and endless tests.

The tests reveal a shocking yet welcoming set of results. The “new species” are actually the human future selves. They are however only a shell, with full instructions on how to transfer a human soul to the new species host body which would make them immune to the terminators.

The problem is that the instructions are translated from Chinese and people were struggling to fathom out how to build the hosts. The first one constructed resulted in four screws, three washers and an oil filter being left over at the end!


We think the passengers did a very creative job in such little time, do you? Out of all the authors of the story we randomly selected a winner, and we can reveal that Mr H Garcha was the lucky winner of return flights for two people to any Monarch destination. Well done!

We enjoyed running this fun competition and hope our customers did, too – we are planning on doing plenty more, so watch this space for any initiatives taking place on one of your future flights with Monarch!

Naomi is the Social Media and Content Executive at Monarch and is a regular contributor to the Monarch blog. She is a big lover of Northern European countries and is very excited for the launch of one of Monarch's newest routes, Stockholm!


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