Monarch Overheard on Holiday

It’s amazing the things you hear on holiday, isn’t it! Whether you’re eavesdropping on an (albeit loud) cafe conversation, or can’t help overhearing a chat in the seats in front of you on the plane, people say the darnedest things.

In a recent Facebook competition we asked customers to share the weirdest things they’d overheard in order to win a Photobox premium canvas. Here are some of the hilarious things they told us:

We overheard a man talking to someone in Gibraltar saying, “It’s been a tough year for Mum this year since she had her vasectomy…”

I overheard my Dad say to my Mum in our holiday apartment, “ How do you get into this safe?”  It was a small square radio.  LOL

Sister took her radio to Majorca and was upset she couldn’t get Radio 1. I explained it was because we were in Majorca. She replied “We should get it, I bought it in London!” Figure that out.

Overheard at Gatwick from a large and very loud and possibly deaf elderly group. Where’s Sylvia? Sylvia’s in the toilet. John comes back. Where’s Sylvia? Sylvia’s in the toilet. Fred comes back. Where’s Sylvia? Sylvia’s in the toilet. Neil comes back. Where’s Sylvia? Sylvia’s in the toilet. Phyllis arrives. Where’s Sylvia? Sylvia’s in the toilet Sylvia came back eventually, by this time half of Gatwick knew exactly where Sylvia had been. Where’s John? John’s in the toilet…. then their flight was called. Hilarious!

Overheard from British tourists in Main Street, Gibraltar:  Well if they think they’re so British how come they’re all driving on the wrong side of the road?”

In the sea with my Mum, she said “Be careful, there could be lots of Prisoners of War in here.”

I said, “Don’t you mean Portuguese Man of War…?” She didn’t live that one down!

I overheard a man in a restaurant say, “I do love prawns in this Marie Curie sauce.”

Whilst on holiday we visited Windsor Castle in the UK. We were walking around the grounds admiring the view when a plane flew over ready to land at Heathrow. An American couple near to us looked up at the plane, then the husband turned to his wife and said, ‘It’s a beautiful castle, but it’s a shame they built it so close to the airport!’

While traveling back from Spain a few years back a young mother and her daughter sat beside me.  When the flight attendant had finished the safety check and finished up with and we hope you all enjoy your flight , to which the little girl next to me piped up “We will!”
Everyone at the back of the plane was in stitches laughing!

On a recent flight to Ibiza with my husband, during take off the young ladies sitting behind us were heard talking about another plane also taking off:
Girl 1: “That plane’s going to Alicante.”
Girl 2: “Oh, is it.”
Girl 1: “Yeah, we are going to be following it.”
Girl 2: “Oh are we? Alicante’s in Canada isn’t it?”
Girl 1: “Yeah it is.”
Girl 2: “Oh cool.”
Have never laughed so much in my life. I know Geography isn’t some people’s strong point but if you’re going to Spain why would you be following a plane going to Canada?

And the winner, randomly drawn from all entries was: P Crook. Congratulations!

The winner’s entry was:

On one of our flights to the Greek Islands, a lady boarded the plane, sat down behind us and said to her husband/partner that she had packed the pot noodles for their supper tonight. We were SHOCKED because in Greece the food in any Taverna is fab and freshly cooked! Was that more silly or sad?


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