Monarch Airpacks give you 3kg extra in your hold bag - would a cat weigh that much?

Did you know Monarch Airpacks give you an extra 3kg in your hold bag if you add one to your booking? That got us thinking… what does 3kg look like?

Click here to visit our Facebook page and tell us which of the items we’ve listed you think could weigh 3kg & you could win flights! Be quick, the competition ends midnight Bank Holiday Monday – 1 May!

Other exciting things in our Airpacks:

The Essentials Pack includes a 20kg hold bag plus 3kg free & standard pre-allocated seating & online check-in

The Extras Pack includes a 23kg hold bag plus 3kg free & extra legroom seating and online check-in

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  1. The extra pack ie extra legroom is a good idea although it should include meals.

    The essential pack is really annoying – of course i need baggage who goes on a two week trip without a case.

    Its a bit annoying trying to see the price of a flight against others when you have to then add on another £100 for bags.

    If we wanted to ram 2 weeks worth of stuff into a tiny bag to go in the cabin and were so tight we’d be flying ryanair not monarch.

    The extra pack should also include meals.

    You should be able to check in online for free – its a joke making people pay. Either restrict people that havent paid to select a seat to checking in say only 24hours before OR allocate random seats but move with the times and let us check in.

    You know going out at LGW/MAN/BHX etc is usually fine but you wait with 200 people at places like KOS/RHO/CFU/TFS/LPA and queue for hours – usually a massive bug bear of the holiday is stood around waiting for lax foreign workers to check you in – check in 2 hours before – not when the buses seem to dump everyone there late and all at the same time and they dont open the desks until about an hour before.

    Let us check in online and dump the bags at a fast bag drop and be done with it!

    • Hi Lee, thanks for your feedback regarding our Airpacks and check in, which has been passed on to our commercial, operations and customer services teams.

      In regards to Airpacks, we did quite a bit of research before we launched them and found the majority of people preferred the online check-in, seat selection and bag options. However, you can still add a meal to your booking as well as an Airpack, if that helps? Also, booking an Airpack gives you an extra 3kg of hold luggage in addition to the standard allowance – for an Essentials Pack you therefore have 23kg (instead of 20 if you book it separately) and 26kg with an Extras Pack (instead of 23kg if you booked a separate ‘heavy’ bag).

      Online check-in works differently for Monarch than many other airlines because we allocate a seat to every passenger. We therefore have a fee for allocating a seat online, but checking in is then free of charge. We understand this different business model to what travellers are used to with other airlines and this can cause a bit of confusion. However, if you’d prefer, you can go to the airport where an agent will allocate your seat and check you in free of charge.

      In terms of our overseas airports, we are working hard with our third party agents abroad to improve our services to customers – accordingly, your feedback has been passed on to overseas services.

      Thanks again Lee for taking the time to write to us.

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