The winter blues can bring you low… but a good laugh can be really uplifting. That’s what inspired us to create our very own soap opera, following the trials and tribulations of a maverick holiday-prescribing doctor in a not-so-normal doctor’s surgery.

The three part webisode series features the fictional character Dr Gideon Day, played by renowned (and rather handsome) actor, Tristan Gemmill. Tristan is famous of course for his role as Dr Adam Trueman in the BBC’s long running hospital drama, Casualty.

There’s more fun to be had on our Facebook page, where you can enter a competition to win flights – details under the ‘Stormy Love’ video below! Plus you can have your very own interactive video consultation with Dr Day and find out what he’d prescribe based on your Winter Blues symptoms here:

So now, sit back, watch the videos below and see if you can spot the (quite deliberate, we can assure you!) continuity errors. Tell us what you find in the comments and we’ll post the answers in a future article. Have fun!

P.S. If the videos are slow to load, you can watch them on our YouTube channel here instead!

Cold Flan

In this first of three webisodes, Doctor Rain confronts Doctor Day over his maverick methods. Meanwhile, Lucy makes a startling discovery in the waiting room.

Did you spot the deliberate continuity errors? If you do, tell us what you’ve seen in the comments below!

Cloudy Memories

In webisode two of the three part series, an epidemic of the Winter Blues hits St Grey’s surgery while an emotional Doctor Day comes face to face with a blast from the past. After you’ve watched the webisode, tell us which continuity errors you spotted in the comments below!

Stormy Love

In the final webisode, as Doctor Day finishes up for the day at St Grey’s, a surprising confession and a misplaced arm leads to disaster at the surgery.

Just for fun we’ve included some deliberate continuity errors. Why not enter our Facebook competition to win free flights with Monarch Airlines from the UK? (You do need to be in the UK and on Facebook to enter, and like us too!) To enter click this link: (Ts & Cs apply)

So we’d love to know your thoughts – did you find it ‘ha ha’ or ‘groan’ out-loud funny?


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