They’re the three great mainstays for beach holidays in mainland Spanish: the Costa Brava, Costa Blanca and Costa del Sol.

Each is a beautiful coast in its own right, but is it the right one for you? Here’s the lowdown on each Costa, to help make choosing your next sunshine break simple:

1. Costa Brava

The Costa Brava was the destination of the UK’s very first package tour to Spain. That was back in the 1950s, when tourists would stop in fishing villages with just a couple of bars and a handful of hotels.

But in Spain, holidays have come a long way since! The Costa Brava now offers holidaymakers great choice, from top-notch resort developments to small coastal towns with a traditional feel.

Need to know…

  • Mediterranean sums up the Costa Brava’s climate – expect hot, dry summers.
  • ‘Costa’ is the Spanish word for ‘coast’, and ‘Brava’ means ‘rugged’ – because that’s how the coastline looks in this part of the Spain!
  • The Costa Brava will suit anyone with an artistic soul. Some of its most picturesque small towns, such as Cadaqués, were frequented by the likes of Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali.

2. Costa Blanca

Costa Blanca means ‘white coast’ – and you’ll certainly see why, once you’re on its sandy beaches in the blazing summer sun!

Need to know…

  • This 200km stretch of coast has a long history, too. All along the Costa Blanca, you’ll notice traces of its Roman and Moorish past.
  • Visit this Costa if you enjoy spending the late afternnoon soaking in the sun on the beaches after a late lunch and a stroll in the many tiny seaside villages.
  • The Costa Blanca is made for sun-worshippers. In July and August, you’ll enjoy highs around 30°C. Summers are almost entirely dry, while its winters are mild (you can still expect highs of 20°C and above from April right through to November).

3. Costa del Sol

So, this is the south of Spain, bang on the Mediterranean. So it’s no wonder they call it the ‘sunny coast’, or the Costa del Sol. Among its towns are some of us Brits’ best-loved holiday destinations, including Malaga and Marbella.

Need to know…

  • Winters are short here (and among Europe’s warmest), and summers are long and glorious.
  • Non-stop flights from the UK to Malaga take around 3 hours, or just under. Monarch flies to Malaga from Manchester, Birmingham, London Gatwick and London Luton.
  • The Costa del Sol is ideal for anyone who needs that quick fix of sunshine, any time of year.



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