Don’t let Sunday 16 June go by without remembering Father’s Day. If your dad is anything like mine, he’s a one-of-a-kind and he deserves a special treat – on this one day, at least!

If you’re determined to give your dad the best Father’s Day ever this year, why not book him a holiday? Get ahead now and check out these destination ideas to suit any kind of dad.

Malta – for Action Dad

adventurous dad

Whether your dad is an actual diehard adventurer or just an action-movie buff, Malta is his spiritual home. Couch-bound daydreamers will be thrilled to find themselves against the backdrop of so many action flicks (blockbusters from Gladiator to The Spy Who Loved Me have been filmed against Malta’s stunning scenery). It’s also a top place for real-life action dads to fill their boots with diving, horseracing, rock climbing, golf and watersports aplenty.

The Caribbean – for Laid back Dad

laidback dad

So, your dad doesn’t do glitzy, and he can’t stand attraction-packed city breaks. What about a big slice of sunshine and the cruisey island life? Tobago will have relaxed Dad smiling from ear to ear, especially when he finds himself on a palm-fringed beach with a glass of rum in hand. And if he ever tires of doing nothing but chilling, he can always wend his way around the island by jeep, or check out its incredible fusion cuisine (think curried blue crabs, and coconut- and spice-infused chicken pelau).

Barcelona – for Foodie Dad

barcelona market

Your dad’s already done all the big foodie destinations, like Paris and Rome. But think beyond the obvious and you could surprise him with an unforgettable gourmet experience in Barcelona. Before you put Dad on the plane, mark La Boqueria market on his map, and book him in for meals at the hip, much-hyped and Michelin-starred Cinc Sentits as well Rías de Galícia, a far more old-school but very fine seafood establishment. But perhaps suggest he take some sturdy shoes, too, so he can walk it all off in the morning.


Venice – for Culture-mad Dad

culture dad

My dad has a lot of destinations on his bucket list, and just as many excuses not to go. Stop this crazy procrastinating now and book his dream ticket for him. Every culture-mad dad will have a different city topping his list, but for mine it is Venice. For him, the attraction is the thrill of seeing all those familiar masterpieces of Renaissance art and architecture first-hand. So, in a way, he’ll know what he’s getting in advance. I just don’t think anything could prepare him for the trip from the airport to Venice across La Laguna – he’s up for an unforgettable treat.


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