It’s time to re-colonise with our top 5 destinations from the former British Empire.

During her 60 year reign, Queen Elizabeth II has been a prolific voyager, travelling more than any other monarch in history. This Jubilee year, why not follow in her footsteps and embark on a stately getaway of your own? Take some inspiration from our top 5 royal destinations from the former British Empire.


1. Kenya

The Queen has visited Kenya on a number of occasions, and it’s likely that it holds a poignant place in her heart. It was on her visit in February 1952 that she learnt of her father’s death and her Accession to the throne. The coastal city of Mombasa (served by Monarch) is one of Africa’s biggest tourist destinations and boasts some world-class beaches. Head off on a coastal bike ride through luscious mango forests to discover the real soul of the place.


2. India

The Queen embarked on a tour of the Indian subcontinent in 1961, and its attractions are more tempting than ever today. If you like a little adventure – mixed with a good dose of relaxation – Goa package holidays are a great option. Nestled on the West coast, India’s smallest state attracts a healthy 2 million visitors to its sparkling shores each year.


3. South Africa

One of the Queen’s most historic State visits was a six-day trip to South Africa in April 1995 – the first since the end of apartheid. And the majesty of this magnificent country continues to attract visitors in their millions. Holidays to South Africa have it all – glorious weather, breathtaking scenery, wonderful wildlife, and plenty of activities to keep everyone entertained. Head off for the trip of a lifetime.


4. Canada

The commonwealth realm of Canada receives frequent visits from their monarch and her family. And with wildlife to be seen and adventure to be had, it’s the perfect destination for getting back in touch with the Great Outdoors. Head off on a train journey through the Rockies or roast freshly-caught salmon over an open fire.


5. The Caribbean

Cloudless skies, pristine white sand, and warm, azure waters dappled with tropical fish – what more can we say. The Queen has visited a number of the Caribbean islands, and with Monarch flights to both Tobago and Grenada, you can choose where to start. If you fancy staying closer to home, cheap holidays to Majorca have all the fun in the sun with a wallet-friendly price tag.



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