What makes the perfect holiday? We asked, you told us!

The perfect holiday starts with a four-and-a half hour flight, lasts 11 days and includes reading Game of Thrones and sipping a cold pint of beer by the pool, a study revealed yesterday. Who would have thought it?

Researchers polled 2,000 Brits to find out the really important things about an annual holiday, the kind of things people absolutely adore; which also included a 10 mile transfer from the airport to the hotel in a limousine. It’s been decided that your partner is the perfect person to go away with.

Think to yourself; how much are you happy to pay for your holiday? How do you work it out, perhaps you draw up a list? Well, many Brits are happy to fork out £603.52 per person for the opportunity to enjoy the perfect break away.

Let’s talk about music; what tunes do you love listening to? Songs such as Club Tropicana by Wham! Sun is Shining by Bob Marley and Someone Like You by Adele would be playing on the iPod while we sunbathe by the swimming pool.

Cocktails by the pool

So download the latest tunes to keep you smiling all day long. Need some inspiration? Here’s our top 10

Songs to listen to by the pool

  1. Adele – Someone like you
  2. Bob Marley – Sun is shining
  3. Wham! – Club Tropicana
  4. Katy Perry – California Girls
  5. Beach Boys – Fun Fun Fun
  6. Rihanna – We found love
  7. Katrina & The Waves – Walking on sunshine
  8. Will Smith – Summertime
  9. Madonna – Holiday
  10. Calvin Harris – Summer

Delicious food is always great on holiday but what exactly do people look for in a restaurant abroad? Apparently, on the first evening away, a restaurant serving the best local cuisine will mean the holiday has got off to the perfect start. Despite all the fun waiting in resort for holidaymakers, it’s interesting to see that all women want is a nice cup of tea when they arrive while men will be ready for a chilled bottle of beer! We found out that ordering room service four times during a holiday and using an in-room spa service would also piece together the perfect holiday for most!

A bit of time to relax and read! The Game of Thrones books and celebrity biographies would be on hand to read alongside the daily papers or crossword. Perhaps the things you don’t have time to read in your day-to-day?

Try something new? It was said Aqua aerobics, yoga, salsa dancing and language classes the activities best loved by Brits and should be available to enjoy. So, is there anything we’d like to keep similar to Britain we hear you say? Well, avoiding leaving too much of Britain behind, Brits want to be able to enjoy a roast dinner on their flight!

Speaking about flights; what did people say about who they enjoy flying with? We think a holiday starts the minute you book, the dreaming, the planning, what to wear, what extras do I need? Extra leg-room, in-flight entertainment and non-reclining seats were all said to be really important when choosing the perfect holiday which is something Monarch hears loud and clear. Reacting to customer feedback, Monarch Airlines recently announced the arrival of newly designed non-recline ergonomic aircraft seats, featuring an innovative tablet holder which brings a whole new spin on personal in-flight entertainment.

So it’s been decided: Time with the family, good weather and scenery were also listed as important factors for the luxurious holiday Brits dream about.

When we asked you the extras you love on holiday you replied: a hotel with a pool, unlimited free films and an all-night bar all are things Brits desire when planning their dream summer holiday.



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