We interviewed some of the most innovative brands exhibiting at last week’s Ski and Snowboard show, talking about specially designed ski training equipment to high-tech sports cameras.

Skiers Edge

Ex pro skier Graham Bell, from Skiers Edge, took us through a cardiovascular training machine that mimics the movements of the body during alpine skiing. This means that when you go out on the slopes, muscle memory kicks in and you can ski in a more dynamic fitter way. One of Graham’s top destinations for skiing is the Valle de Este, where he enjoys Easter ski holidays with his family. Graham thinks back-country skiing and touring is going to explode in the future, which is all about getting off-piste and into the back country.

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Martin from Skia talks through a training product that helps you fine tune your balance for skiing. He introduces the SkiA Sweetspot Ski Trainer which gives you a target to find your centre, and develop the skills to stay on target all the time. His favourite ski destination, like James from eGlove is Chamounix, and he thinks more and more people will soon adventure away from the pistes to discover the delights of back-country skiing holidays.

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Go Pro

Pete from GoPro, the world’s leading activity image capture company, tells us about the GoPro Hero 3+ which is a smaller, lighter version of the popular Hero 3 camera. His favourite snowboarding destination is Whistler, Canada, and he sees the future as the linking together of technology to create a bigger, more interactive ski and snowboard experience.

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Matt from Head introduces the Supershape Titan Ski. A ‘piste-weapon’ with a brilliant edge grip that uses state-of-the art technology to give you a boost coming out of your turns, helping you blitz around the piste at top speed. Matt loves skiing anywhere in Austria, and he imagines a technology-driven future for winter sports that utilises lighter-weight materials to boost the overall performance of skis and ski equipment.

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James from eGlove, has developed a range of touch-green sports gloves for winter sports and skiing. James’ favourite skiing location is Chamonix, where he enjoys the luxurious resorts and slopes, (and it’s one of the first places he went with his wife – romantic memories!) James sees the future as technology driven, with more and more incredible apps being built to help ski and snowboarders maximise their experience on the slopes.

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Sports Direct

Tom from Sports Direct, a ski and snowboard technician showcases the AT Flex Head boot, or ‘The Edge’, which has spinal clip technology and easy release technology.  Tom’s favourite destination for skiing holidays is La Plagne, where he enjoys the off-piste skiing and the amazing parks. In the future, Tom sees snow sports moving into the mass market – cheaper equipment but still high quality advice.

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Snow and Rock

Anne from Snow + Rock, one of the UK’s top ski clothing & equipment retailers tells us about the stores division of its products into four categories – performance ski, premium ski, adventure skiing and snowboarding. Her scariest skiing adventure was tackling the Harakiri slope in Austria, and she sees back-country, big-mountain skiing as the future of winter sports.

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What do you think? Have we missed any off?

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