This week, our cabin crew blogger Lisa writes in response to the questions you posed on our Facebook page. Rather than answering one, she’s done three… how kind is that!

Rachel Hunt asks: What cabin crew have to do before passengers embark a flight & after they disembark a flight?

Lisa answers: Cabin crew must report for duty 90 minutes before a departure. As punctuality is so important, as soon as we arrive in the crew room the first priority is to log in to the electronic system. This lets crew control and the operations department at Luton HQ know everyone’s arrived. If anyone’s late then crewing have plenty of time to locate the crew member or call someone out who is on standby duty to replace them. It always makes me smile when I check in at 4.30 a.m. as most people are still deep in slumber but the crew room is like ‘Piccadilly Station’, buzzing and noisy with crews coming and going and all with the same goal, either off to work or off to bed!
Once we’ve checked in a crew list of names, plus the relevant flight details and flight times is produced so the crew are aware who’s who. Sometimes you could be your flying with your friends or colleagues you’ve known for years, which is always a treat. Other times you may be flying with colleagues for the first time.

According to regulations, cabin crew must demonstrate competency in their emergency procedures before every flight. This responsibility lies with the operating senior on the day, who must ask each crew member one safety and one first aid question to test their knowledge. The brief will also include details such as how many special needs and reduced mobility passengers to expect, how many pre-ordered meals including special dietary meals to expect from the caterers, any reminders of recent company updates and generally stimulate a discussion to allow the whole team to contribute any ideas and suggestions that will benefit the service and our passengers.

Each crew member has a designated crew seat and area of responsibility which will usually include an exit door, a crew seat, local emergency equipment i.e. fire extinguishers, smoke hoods, emergency first aid boxes plus life jackets under passengers seats in that area. As priority, once onboard all crew must pre-flight check their equipment to ensure it’s serviceable and ready for immediate use and confirm to the senior this has been completed. The senior will pass all the checks onto the Captain. Next the galley crew members check all catering has been loaded, not forgetting the crew food of course! The senior is constantly keeping a very close eye on their watch as on-time departure is really important, and will instigate a cabin security check as soon as possible. This is another strict regulation and after all ground staff has vacated the aircraft the crew will complete a thorough search of their areas to ensure no suspect packages have been left onboard. Boarding will begin once the Captain is happy all this has been completed.

Cabin interior - aircraft ready for customers

Huw Forsey asks: Why not talk about what they do on a turnaround?

Lisa says: Once everybody has disembarked from the plane, the crew starts the second security check of the day, again to ensure nothing has been left onboard. Plus, it’s an opportunity to hand over any lost property found to the agent who can try to find the owner in the terminal. The usual bits and bobs left onboard are reading glasses, books and jumpers, however I came across a rather expensive hand-held gaming device at one stage, worth a few hundred pounds, which must have frightened the owner when they discovered it was missing! I’ve also found a wallet rammed full of bank notes and credit cards, which was all carefully logged and reported before it was returned. Once we did find some illicit reading material tucked inside an in-flight magazine, which was a bit of a surprise!

The cleaners come on and it’s a bit of a free for all. The galley crew need to swap the catering and ensure the inbound meals are oven loaded and restock any trolleys for the next services. Others will replenish any toilet supplies. The cleaners are up and down the cabin collecting rubbish and if you’re not careful you can get entangled with a hoover! If there’s any time left before our next passengers arrive, a quick cuppa tea is a must. When all the cleaners and any other ground crew have left, the third security check must be completed before boarding commences again.


Karen Kennedy asks: What really happens when the crew finish their shift and are taken by the minibus over to the airport?

Lisa answers: On arrival back to our UK base, after disembarking is completed and before any ground staff are allowed on, the crew must complete their final security check of the day. The Captain will then give permission for the crew to disembark. Usually at this point the next crew are waiting to board to start their flight and it’s always a rush to make sure you’ve collected your personal items, double checked all the used bars have been locked and sealed for customs, the flight takings are safely secured. We then have time to say a quick ‘Hi’ and ‘Bye’ to the new crew! By the time we arrive back to the crew room usually my feet are throbbing. The only challenge left is trying to remember where I parked the car all those hours ago!

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  1. Hi,i was wondering how long a shifts do pilots and cabin crew do,i would like to be assured that in the case of an emergency whilst doing security or mechanical the cabin crew and pilots respectively anremt tired enough to miss anything out or deal with an emergency sutuation. This is beacause i worry this could happen especially on late and early flights. Thanks.

    • Hi Jamie, that is a very interesting question and I’ve passed this on to cabin crew and flight crew management. In the meantime I’m quite sure that cabin crew, flight deck and engineers work to very strict work patterns as their roles (and therefore their working hours) are regulated by the CAA for safety reasons. The safety of our customers and crew is, I’m sure you can imagine, our number one priority, and in fact that is the priority across the aviation industry in general.

    • Hi Jamie, I’ve spoken to pilot management and the response is very reassuring: “The working day for both pilots and cabin crew are closely regulated and encompassed in EU law. The length of the working day depends on the local time that the duty commences. After a local night of rest the working day including briefings and post flight duty cannot exceed 14 hours and a sliding scale takes this down to ten hours if the report time is geared for a night flight. Additionally crew have twelve hours free for rest pre-flight and 12 hours clear post flight. Additionally there is a minimum number of full days off that must be achieved in any 28 day period.”

      I hope this is all the information you need to feel confident about safety around our pilot and crew hours? Please let me know if you need anything else. Thanks again for your comment.

  2. Hi,
    I wanted to be cabin crew with monarch since i can remember, im 17 and only another year till i can,
    but monarch have not given out a permanent contract in ages,
    Do you think there will be a job in a years time ?

    • Hi Taylor, it’s impossible for me to say whether there will be permanent roles available in a year’s time, I’m sorry. We’ll just have to wait and see. Have you looked at the jobs section of our website to learn about requirements etc?

  3. Hi,
    I’ve read the link you sent me just a quick question though. I’ve noticed that monarch will be starting to fly from East Midlands airport and as I don’t live far from there I was wondering if you will be recruiting cabin crew? If so when will it be advertised etc? 🙂

    • Hi Lindsay, I’ve passed your question on to our cabin crew recruitment team. The answer is we’re still working on plans and we’ll make announcements when we’re ready to start recruiting. Thanks!

  4. I’m looking to become cabin crew and have applied to a few airlines what advise can you give me on applying please! Any information would be of help 🙂


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