Monarch customers and staff have been brought to tears by a very touching video posted on the airline’s official Facebook page.

Filmed by Monarch holidaymaker Claire Day, the video tells the story of how her partner Gary May gave his eight year-old son Ethan the surprise of his life at Gatwick Airport.

Gary, 41 is a public speaker and travels frequently around the world on business, so it can be difficult for the family to find time to go on holiday together. Gary and Claire didn’t think that they would be able to go on a family trip this year, so when one of Gary’s business trips to the Middle East was cancelled at short notice, they jumped at the chance to book last minute  flights to Sharm el Sheikh.

With only 3 days to go before their flight, the couple decided to surprise Ethan with the holiday.

As Claire’s short film shows, Gary hugs Ethan goodbye in the Gatwick Airport carpark.

Gary says to Ethan: “Why don’t you come with?”

To which his son flicks a hand and replies that he doesn’t have his passport or any clothes.

Gary opens the boot of their car and removes two suitcases, saying: “This is Claire’s … and this is yours.”

Ethan’s reaction is absolutely priceless, as he tells Gary in tearful delight that this is the best surprise ever.

Gary told Monarch the holiday was a definite surprise to Ethan. “Ethan has a big personality, and he doesn’t like his dad working away on business trips. It was our first holiday this year, and a definite surprise, as you can tell by the video.”

At the time of writing, the 2:30 minute film had reached more than 60,000 people on Facebook, with more than 1,500 likes and 200 comments on the Monarch post. In addition, more than 800 people have shared Claire’s video.

“It’s brilliant to see that our video had such a positive reaction,” Gary said.

Ethan said he had a great time on holiday in Sharm. He went snorkelling and saw lots of fish. “I was very surprised. And very happy!”

Ethan story - family photo onboard Monarch aircraft
Family selfie with (L-R) Ethan, 8 with dad Gary and Claire onboard their Monarch flight to Sharm el Sheikh

Dozens of viewers told Monarch on Facebook that Ethan’s story had reduced them to tears, with some even sobbing at their desks in front of colleagues.  The story has become such a hit that it has even appeared on the website for the Daily Mail.

We are thrilled to have been part of such as special family moment – Ethan is a lovely boy who charmed all the cabin crew on board with his excitement at his very unexpected holiday. We are so pleased that this last minute booking has brought so much joy and we’re looking forward to welcoming Ethan and his family on board again soon.

Warning: This video could have you in floods – keep a tissue at the ready! Please feel free to watch the video and join the conversation on Facebook or add your comments below.


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