We all love family holidays but flying with younger children can sometimes be a bit challenging. To help you all make the most of your trip, we’ve asked our dedicated followers on Facebook and Twitter, as well as some of our Monarch experts, for their personal tips on how to travel with the young ones, ages 2-6. Here are their top tips:


1. Let them pack the fun “We flew Monarch from Gatwick to Paphos with two boys aged 3 and 6. We got them involved in packing their own bags which contained a little mini sticker book, crayons, colouring book, pencil and pad to write/draw what they could see and what they were excited about. We also included their favourite soft teddy, a little camera each and a small book of stories for me to read to them. I think that’s all they had. We had a few comments on how well behaved they were and that other passengers hadn’t even known they were on the plane!” – Vicky Driscoll via Facebook

2. Secure seating “If they have their own seat, try to seat them either by the window or middle seat so they cannot get up easily out of their seat.” – Marc Thornton from Monarch

3. Lay on the layers “Have them dressed in several layers that they can easily take on and off.” – Marc Thornton from Monarch


4. Destination education “My dad used to give us fun and easy activity packs based on the history of our destination, e.g. dot-to-dot of a centurion for Rome.” – Suggestive Digestive via Twitter

5. Keep them moving “He really likes to walk around as well, so every 30 minutes or so we moved around the aircraft.” – Kate Poyser via Facebook

6. Presents on planes “When my grandsons were very young, we wrapped up small presents like cars, pencils and puzzle books to be opened every half hour or so – that way they never had any time to be bored as there was always something to look forward to!” – Sheila Hibbert via Facebook

7. Stock up on snacks “Take lots of dry foods that don’t make a lot of mess or melt. Often the airport cafes have a long queue and limited food options for a fussy 2-year-old. We took raisins, apples, biscuits and crisps.” – Adrienne Herbert from That’s My Mum


8. Sweet incentive “I always buy him a treat either at the airport or on-board – a few bribes of fruit or chocolate always work!” – Kate Poyser via Facebook

9. Easy entertaining “We started travelling with our kids when they were 9 months old (now 12 and 8) and always with Monarch – hence my 12-year-old son wanting to be a pilot! The best thing we invested in were sticker books. For Ella, the Usborne ones are great with fairies/fashion dolls, and Dan loved the Richard Scarry books – the detail is so great, he would be distracted for hours looking for the worm, or mum making up stories to go with the pictures! Lego was a winner too.” – Emma Rogers via Facebook

10. Tablet time “iPads are great nowadays, or portable DVDs with their favourite TV shows and snacks for munching on – the time flies!” – Emma Rogers via Facebook

11. In-flight fun “My little one is fascinated with flying and he has only just turned 2! He just loves to look at all the magazines and even the in-flight safety cards. But we always come equipped with Lego and cars, and of course apps for music he can listen to.” – Toby’s Proud Mummy via Facebook

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12. Lollipops for landing “’Fasten seatbelts, we have started our initial descent,’ when you hear this over the PA be prepared for the change in altitude and air pressure, which can signal the start of discomfort and wailing for little ones. Please give them a lollipop to encourage swallowing.” – Tim Roberts via Facebook

13. Meds to the Med “If you are travelling to a country where you don’t speak the language, always take your own medicine for the kids. Our son has sensitive skin and suffers from eczema. We took his cream and infant Piriton everywhere with us just in case he needed it. The last thing you want is to be in a pharmacy with an ill child, trying to translate with a phrase book!” – Adrienne Herbert from That’s My Mum

Monarch makes flying easier for children (and their parents!). All children aged 2 or older have their own booked seat and are allowed their own 10kg carry-on bag. Monarch offers on-board meals (currently from Wallace and Gromit) and tons of activities and items in the Love to Shop on-board catalogue to help pass the time. Next time, they’ll be looking forward to boarding!



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