I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! This is definitely true when you’re on holiday. Sunshine destinations and cool, creamy ice creams are a match made in foodie heaven, so don’t miss the top gelato spots in your Monarch destination of choice. Here are five that have a certain something special:

Forget Neapolitan in Naples

Hazelnut ice cream

Put all thoughts of a block of strawberry, chocolate and vanilla out of your mind and head to Gay Odin in Naples. With ten stores in the city, you’ll never be too far from the creamy delights of this master chocolatier’s iced treats, but why not skip the cocoa flavours and try the unusual cottage cheese and pear concoction instead?

Have Fun with French Flavours in Nice


Fenocchio in Nice is a glaciers with a strong focus on local, fresh ingredients – and we’re not just talking freshly picked fruits or local creams. You’ll find some of the most prominent flavours of the south of France, including lavender, rosemary, basil, black olives and pink peppercorn. It’s definitely a great place to have fun with your ice cream flavours and try something new.

Be a Little Devil in Rome

Interior of Italian ice cream bar

Rome is one of the true homes of ice-cream, and it’s not unusual to walk past a gelateria offering dozens of flavours on every street. But Fatamorgana at 90 Via Tirso is different. This is more than a mere ice cream parlour. It’s a laboratory where the weirdest and most wonderful flavour combinations are dreamt up. If you don’t have much of a sweet tooth, why not try a Little Devil ice – made from sugar, habanero peppers, water and tomatoes. Naughty but nice? You decide!

Eat Ice Cream Art in Ibiza

Strawberry ice cream in glass bowl

Order a simple ice cream from Ibirosa in Dalt Villa, Ibiza Town and it won’t be the flavour that surprises you. Your server will hand you a mini piece of ice cream art, with your ‘scoop’ made up of individual petals to resemble a rose. Definitely camera worthy – just don’t admire it too long in the heat!

Go Slushy over Granizado in Barcelona

Two glasses of granizado

If you’re lactose intolerant, or vegan – or you just fancy something a little more refreshing when the temperature rises in Barcelona – try a Granizado. This traditional Spanish drink is made from crushed ice, sugar, lemon and water – a bit like a lemon sorbet slushy – and the very best can be found in Sirvent at 56 Parlament.

A really good ice cream is one of the simplest holiday pleasures, but why not shake things up a little with some local flavours, unusual creations and memorable surprises? Certainly makes a change from your local ice cream van!



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