When Cyprus comes to mind, it’s difficult to stifle daydreams of Greek gods and ancient Assyrian battles. While the region’s rich mythology and history can transport you to another world, the reality is equally dreamy! The beautiful city of Larnaca, located on the southern coast of Cyprus, is the third largest on the island, but despite its size, it promises sun soaked romance. Here’s the inside scoop on the best of Larnaca, courtesy of Senior Partnerships Executive Nikola Roberts and Website Manager Luke Donnebaum:

Start with Sandy Beach Sunning


It’s a no brainer that our first recommendation involves a beach towel.  Spend a day soaking up the sun on the famous Fig Tree Bay in Protaras, voted the third best beach in Europe.  Make sure to get there before 10am on the weekends to dodge the crowds and splurge on a bed and umbrella; it’s worth it!

Taste the Food of the Gods

vine leaves

Visit Romeo Taverna in the evening for the best traditional Cypriot food and dancing.  The Dolmades are a must-have appetiser – these stuffed vine leaves are filling and full of lemon-zest flavour.  The Greek dancers are marvellous to watch, just don’t be alarmed when the dinner plates start crashing; it’s all part of the act!

Head to a Hidden Gem for a Cocktail

Cocktails by the beach

Take a stroll along the waterfront from Protaras in the early evening and stop off at ‘Canes,’ a quiet bar with friendly staff. Sit out in the garden and watch the sun set over the ocean as you enjoy a cocktail or two.  You’ll feel more like you’re sitting in the private garden of a wonderfully accommodating host.

Gets Some Healing Tips

Wonder how Cypriots maintain such a healthful glow? Well, that’s likely all sunshine and lifestyle, but a trip to the Kyriazis Medical Museum is sure to unlock some fascinating factoids about the medical and health history of ancient Cyprus.  From ancient scrolls with curses written on them to staff-led demonstrations of how an old electroshock machine works, this little museum is great fun.  The best part: admission is free!

Swim to Underwater Wreckage


The Zenobia was a Swedish ferry that sank in 1980 along with its 104 trucks and trailers.  It is now a protected artificial reef where Barracuda and Parrotfish swim in and out of porthole windows, and you can swim among them! Alpha Divers offers daily dives of one of the world’s best wrecks.

Ultimately, not much arm-twisting is needed to book a ticket to this white sandy-beach paradise, but with these insider recommendations, you’re sure to have an incredible time.


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