Flying with small children doesn’t have to be hard work. In fact, with a bit of forward planning and a few handy accessories to keep the kids distracted, plane journeys can be great fun for families.

This summer, we’ve teamed up with Trunki to create the ultimate airline travel guide for parents and children and we need your help. We’re asking our followers to share their top travel tips for families flying with kids; from what to pack for the journey and how to survive long waits at the airport, to advice on keeping children entertained on the plane.

We’ll be publishing our favourite tips in the Trunki Family Travel Guide and if your advice is featured, not only will your words of wisdom be shared with thousands of families all over the world, but you could win some awesome Trunki goodies.

We’ll be giving away a £100 Trunki voucher to the winner and four £50 vouchers to runners up. To enter, simply submit your top travel tip in the application above – hurry, we need your entry by 24 June!


  1. We fill the childrens hand luggage with colouring sets and sweets and biscuits (strictly no chocolate-it’s just not fun having melted chocolate everywhere) all books are uploaded on to a tablet so we have 1000’s to choose from. Who knows what they might randomly want to read when on a plane! And you can be sure I would have packed the wrong ones!

  2. I have got a 2 year old child. It was never easy to flight with him as he hates it. Tantrums, crying etc. From experience we do choose flights or early in the morning or evening when it is his sleepy time. This september we will attend our first flight with Monarch Benji will have his own seat for the first time, hopefully his toys, books favourite snacks will occupy him and he will might understand tha fact he is on the aeroplane and he is up high in the sky. As our flight is early 6 am I just hope he sleeps . . .

  3. Always take a bag full of toys, colouring books , crayons and maybe some electronic gadgets for the older children. Snacks are a must too !!! Hours waiting around at the airport and on the plane are not fun for little children !! The more things to keep them amused and happy the better 🙂 happy Children =Happy Parents

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