It’s almost Christmas, many of you will be frantically shopping around for some last minute Christmas gifts. If you have someone in your life who spends all their time going abroad, daydreaming about their next trip and planning holidays, then it makes sense to get them a Christmas present to fuel this passion. For the uninitiated, that may seem like a tall order, but there’s actually loads of travel-orientated pressies out there! Read on for some last-minute gift inspiration.

Scratch map

Show us a traveller who doesn’t like to record where they’ve been and we’ll be very surprised. These wonderful wall maps are covered in a substance similar to the stuff you see on scratch cards. When a country has been visited, the traveller in your life can scratch it off and see various details appear underneath. The geekiest of enthusiasts can even bring a coin back from their destination to do the scratching. Before long, a colourful map appears and they can show off where they’ve been.

Travel gadgets

There is no shortage of gadgets out there to make travelling easier and more comfortable, it’s just a matter of deciding which ones will suit the traveller in your life. From portable speakers and noise-cancelling headphones to external battery packs and eBook readers, there’s bound to be a bit of tech they’d love. Think about the type of traveller they are and how they pass their spare time on holiday – this is the key to matching the perfect gadget to your wanderluster.

Travel wallet

One of the nicest things about gifts is that they allow the receiver to have something they may not have splashed out on for themselves. A great example of this is a really lovely travel wallet. You know, the type that allows you to keep your passport, tickets, itinerary and boarding passes all in the same place, but also says something about its owner?! It could be a really classy leather design, with embossed initials on the front; one created from map fabric and stitched with an inspirational travel quote; or hot pink vinyl – you know your loved one, the choice is yours.

Personalised luggage labels

It’s often not until your suitcase has gone round the luggage carousel a couple of times that you realise it’s not hugely identifiable from all the other bags belonging to fellow passengers. This can be easily solved with personalised labels or straps to make them leap out at the owner. Again, gage their personality and decide on leather, monogrammed, map-based or even a jokey one displaying the words “Not your bag” on it.

A flight

father and son having fun on sunset

Give the gift of adventure and spontaneity this festive period, with flight tickets to a destination of your choice. It could be somewhere that means something special to you both or a place they’ve always wanted to visit. This is a slightly risky option, as it relies on you knowing that this is appropriate and when would be a good time for them to go – factor in work commitments and annual leave entitlement, as well as any childcare or family duties. But for the right person, a flight could be the perfect Christmas gift so look out for some great flights offers. That’s Christmas sorted!

Having started her travelling career at the age of five on a trip to Africa with her family, Emma has gone on to visit more than 45 countries across the globe. Highlights have included taking part in a tango lesson in Argentina, seeing Victoria Falls from both sides and getting lost among the streets of the Albaicin in Granada.


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