How many singers does it take to fill a departures terminal with the sound of magnificent Italian opera? Just three, as we discovered yesterday! To celebrate our move from Manchester Airport’s Terminal 1 to Terminal 2 and the launch of our new flights to Italy,  we welcomed customers to our new home with live music performed by three amazing tenors.

One of our tenors singing to Monarch customers at Manchester T2

The trio performed the classic Italian opera pieces La Donna e Mobile, O Sole Mio, Bridisi, Nessun Dorma and Funiculi Funicula for a series of astonished crowds throughout the morning, occasionally escorting customers right up to the check-in desk. 

Tenor Encore singing for Monarch customers at Manchester Airport T2

Meanwhile, Monarch cabin crew handed out ‘free tenners’ to passengers to use as discount coupons on new flights from Manchester to Milan, Venice, Verona as well as Dubrovnik in Croatia plus all other existing routes.

A tenor serenades a Monarch customer at Manchester Terminal 2

The move to Terminal 2 was a major logistical exercise taking several months to pull together. Apart from the installation of the new ticket desk and new branding, behind-the-scenes our cabin crew and office staff were busily packing and moving crate after crate of office equipment to the fresh, modern new crew rooms and training classrooms.

Monarch's new ticket desk at Manchester Airport Terminal 2

For customers, the benefits of moving to Terminal 2  include a more spacious, dedicated check-in area and ticket desk, a refined check-in process and streamlined services. In addition, customers can enjoy same level access from car, bus and taxi drop off points to departures. Monarch is also considerably easier to find, with our bright yellow branding standing out throughout the terminal!

Monarch staff with Tenor Encore at Manchester T2

What do you think of the new look check-in area at terminal 2? We’d love to see your comments below.


  1. I have travelled with Monarch Airlines twice a year for the last 10 years from Manchester to Almeria. I have just discovered when coming to book my next hoiliday that you no longer fly from Manchester to Almeria, flights are now from East Midlands only. As I do not drive and I am on a tight budget I will not be able to make any further trips. Why was this decision made? One flight a week could have been saved surely!! A dissapointed and loyal customer

    • Hi Linda, we launched flights to Almeria from Manchester in April 2005, however after a full network review, the decision has been taken to withdraw from the route as demand for the service has not met commercial expectations over the past few seasons. Our flights between Birmingham and Almeria will continue for Summer 2012 and we apologise for the disappointment and inconvenience the withdrawal of services from Manchester has caused.

  2. Please can you explain why Monarch have moved to T2 the cost must have been significant and now I find that in Summer you only have 1 flight per day to Malaga when previously it was at least 2 flights per day meaning I and others have less flexibility. Is this temporary or permanent? Has demand dropped off?

    Less concerning but noteworthy is BMI baby no longer fly to Malaga but you now have competition in T2 from Ryan Air (who I would only use as a last resort by the way) so my point is less options again which is a worry.

    Thanks in advance for the justification behind the changes.

    • Hi Warren, thanks for your questions. The move to T2 was motivated by a number of factors, but most importantly it was an opportunity to offer our customers a better airport experience, as I hope you’ll experience when you visit. As I’m sure you will appreciate, decisons about routes and frequency are commercially sensitive. We do our best to ensure our service frequency is convenient for our customers while maintaining profitabilty and I’m sorry that on this occasion changes to our programme have been inconvenient for you.

  3. Im not used to T2 ive used T1 for over 10 years and i also will be in a new terminal at Gibraltar as well when i fly with Monarch again in April. Anyway should be exiting

  4. I along with many expats now live in spain near Malaga. I am finding it difficult to organise trips when the website will not allow me to put Malaga as the home airport. so I can search for destinations from there.

  5. Bit late to hear about this now but, just as a matter of interest and information – you appear to have used three tenors but have failed to give their names! Surely they (and we) are entitled to know who they were?

    • Hi Raymond, that’s a very fair point! The three tenors are Mike Stirling, Arthur Swan and Roy Weissensteiner and they’re known as ‘Tenors Encore’. I hope that helps, thanks for your comment.

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