‘Niceness’ could increase UK consumer spending by £64.6 billion

  • Nice service would encourage spending to rise by on average £19.08 per person per week
  • Glasgow most responsive to nice service; Norwich the least
  • Women spend £2.74 more than men if service is ‘nice’

New research has found that being ‘nice’ could raise consumer spending by up to £64.6 billion, as Brits say they would spend more for nice service. This would give a boost to the UK economy as well as improving our daily niceness factor.

The ‘Power of Nice’ survey, was commissioned by leading low cost airline and holiday company Monarch, which actively places ‘niceness’ as a core attribute of the business. It revealed Brits would spend £19.08 on average more per week if served by someone who displayed the ‘nice’ qualities of kindness, honesty and respect. In fact 2.2 million of us would even spend more than £100 a week if those who served them were nice.

Nils Christy, Chief Operating Offer at Monarch, said: “At Monarch we are often described as the ‘nicer’ airline and we pride ourselves on this, so we wanted to see just how much the UK values this quality from other service providers. With the research proving that niceness could be a major boost to our economy, hopefully Brits will put it higher up on their agenda.”

This is particularly good news for the service industry in Glasgow, as residents were found to be the most generous to courteous staff, stating they’d contribute £28.84 a week more. Meanwhile Norwich saw the smallest uplift of just £9.08 extra per week.

And good service seems to be most effective with middle income households. Those households with an income of £45,000 – £55,000 per year were found to be the most responsive to nice service, spending £44.68 more a week on it.

In contrast, high earning individuals with salaries of over £55,000 per year would spend just £24.48 extra a week, demonstrating perhaps how the affluent stay affluent.

The research also revealed what makes a person ‘nice’. More than four out of five (81%) of us thought that kindness was the most important attribute, closely followed with respect (78%).

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