We love sharing the buzz of travel with you – and never more so than when it’s your first flight. Here are a few of the cutest tweets we’ve seen recently from some of our newest customers!

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  1. Hi
    I just wanted to thank the pilot (I think it was Captain Rodgers?) for getting us safely home from the Algarve yesterday. We flew back to Manchester from Faro – 11:35am flight. The flight was so turbulent (we’d woken in Lagos at 6am to torrential rain & a thunderstorm!). It was certainly the most turbulent flight I’ve ever been on, (first time I’ve ever felt scared on a plane!), as was my daughter in law, (she’s not keen on flying from bad experiences in turbulence as a child flying to America). Of course, we pretended we were enjoying it (grandchildren aged 10 & 11), & my son wasn’t scared, or so he said! Thank you to the crew too, they kept smiles on their faces the whole time & appeared calm, were they, like me, thinking oh my god we’re about to fall out of the sky or flip upside down or the wings are going to rip off, or is it just normal for them? Anyway, thank you so very much for getting us home very quickly & in one piece…!!!! As we landed my granddaughter shouted “we’re alive”….phew…!
    Thank you.

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