The rise of adult colouring is a trend that can be a great tool to unwind whilst travelling or on holiday, especially in summer. Blossoms bloom, days are longer and the vibrant colours of wherever you are travelling to are that much brighter – setting the scene perfectly to ‘Colour Your Summer’. Paige Joanna is a passionate illustrator and tells us why she embraces this movement.

You may already be aware of this by now, but I am extremely passionate about illustration, art and crafts and pretty much always have been. My outlet for anything stress or anxiety related is usually turning to a pencil or paintbrush and letting off steam. For most people creative I think this is quite a common past time. When I have free time I love to let out all my ideas and inspiration onto paper. I find my most motivated time for being creative is during high periods of stress, during travelling and when having lots of free time. When travelling or going on holiday these things can all come at once. I get a bit anxious when on trains or plane journeys, so I tend to pop in a note book and pen into my hand luggage so I can doodle and take my mind off anything causing me stress.


This brings me onto adult colouring which has become extremely popular recently, with a rise in art therapy and themed art books. It is becoming a recognised form of relief as it promotes mindfulness and relaxation. Becoming mindful whilst travelling is really important to me because it keeps me calm and prepared for my trip. We see holidays as a way of letting go of everyday stresses and unwinding and colouring can have a similar effect. Travelling to and from holiday destinations can be a stress in itself, so packing a colouring book in your bag can be a really easy way of relieving any moments of anxiety.

Paige Joanna Colouring

Meditation techniques are used for de-concentrating, to reduce the build-up of stress and a restless mind. Most people find it difficult to meditate but colouring pages for adults easily help induce the same relaxing state. It allows the fear centre of your brain to relax, therefore reducing your stress and overall anxiety you may be feeling. You don’t have to share what you colour with others if you are worried people will judge you for colouring in a cat blue. It’s for your eyes and your own benefit so it doesn’t have to be shared with others or framed next to your family portraits! What makes colouring books so great is they can be used by anyone. If little ones can do it, then so can adults that wouldn’t normally consider themselves to be naturally artistic. I love illustration and art and have studied in this for years, but it doesn’t really require any of my skills. That’s what makes colouring so great and accessible for anyone, is that it’s about letting go and becoming mindful whilst enjoying the images. I have seen themed books such as the secret garden, cats and loads more so there is something for everyone.

Paige Joanna Colouring close up

At the end of the day, colouring is good for you because essentially it’s fun to do. So why not add some extra colour to your summer this year, escaping from the stresses of everyday life through a trip away or even an adult colouring book!

Author Bio:

My name is Paige Joanna Calvert, by day I am a Social Media Executive and by night a Fashion and Lifestyle blogger. I specialise in city living, crafting, fashion and art! I live in London, and when I am not working I spend a lot of time going for brunch, drinking tea and making things.


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