Here at Monarch we love all things Spanish, and apparently so do our customers, as our Spanish flights are among our most popular routes. If you also have a craving for España, you’ll probably be familiar with the local eats, otherwise known as tapas. So, to put your tapas knowledge to the test we’ve created the Monarch Tapas Challenge. What will your score be?

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Tapas can be anything from hot skewered meats to cold octopus, but however it is served, this varied and colourful cuisine is a truly unmissable experience. Usually a wide range of small plates, tapas can be enjoyed as a snack with a cerveza or as a diverse and satisfying main meal.

The origins of tapas are the subject of much debate, but it’s clear that what began as simple dishes, requiring little or no preparation, soon developed into a complex cultural and social experience.

Tapas Dishes

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Such is the diversity of tapas that wherever you are in Spain, you can order practically anything that your taste buds desire. From creamy and rich patatas bravas to a simple bowl of olives, there really is something for everyone. Tapas are based on simplicity and imagination. Ingredients are local and seasonal, flavours are bold and presentation is unpretentious.

As many Spaniards will tell you, tapas is a style of eating rather than a type of cuisine. Similar to Italian culture, food means sociability, and it is to be enjoyed with family and friends. Wherever you holiday, there really is no better way to experience the real essence of Spanish life and culture than by getting to know tapas.

Bar Boqueria Tapas

So whether you’re a tapas expert or couldn’t tell your croquetas from your calamares, take our tapas quiz to find out how well you know your tapas. Simply identify the popular tapas dishes in the picture and you’ll even get some great tips and restaurant recommendations for your next Spanish getaway.

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