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January blues – how to choose a holiday remedy that really works

sunbathing in January to beat the winter blues with Monarch

You book, pack your swimwear or skis, and life is suddenly on the up-and-up even before your plane takes off. But the real art to booking a mood-lifting January break lies in choosing a holiday that will keep the feel-good factor going after you return, too. For some, nothing but sunshine will bring on those lasting benefits. But others […]

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Five sure ways to beat those early winter blues

Getting reacquainted

November. Even the word chills me to the bone. The month itself is cold, wet and dark. And I’m always saving my pennies for Christmas. Where’s the fun in that? But this year I’m determined not to wallow at the beginning of winter. So, I’ve formulated this five-step plan to beat the blues: 1. Do something new For me, […]

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Could the Canaries offer a cure for the winter blues?

Hiking in Tenerife

After a rather unpredictable summer, the recent heavy rainfall and gale force winds have left us in no doubt that we’re in for a typical British winter. For many of us, the colder weather and shorter days can bring on a mild form of depression, with 17% of Brits admitting to suffering from ‘winter blues’.  Sunlight and exercise are […]

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