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Charlotte Southcott Monarch cabin crew LGW ad campaign image

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Hello, I’m Charlotte Southcott – one of Monarch's new cabin crew bloggers. Over the next few months me and my colleagues will be turning...

Monarch Airlines aircraft G-OZBZ during repaint - masking

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Ever wondered what it takes to paint an aircraft? We take a look behind the scenes as Monarch aircraft G-OZBZ is given a fresh...

Enthusiasts' Day aircraft

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  After a short break, the Monarch Enthusiast Days are back! Whether you've been a regular on our popular events, or have been dying to...

Monarch aircraft in hangar

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You've been waiting with bated breath. You've commented on our blog, sent us tweets and left posts on our Facebook page... let alone the...

Introducing Lisa, our cabin crew instructor and blogger extraordinaire!

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Hi, I'm Lisa and I'll be writing about the world behind the galley curtain every couple of weeks for the next few months. I...

Monarch aircraft

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 Welcome to the Monarch blog! Thanks for joining us, it's a great to have you here. We hope that you will find the blog a very...