Dog with empty bowl
Monarch passengers even pack something for the dog!

Monarch has been taking a closer look into our customers’ suitcases to find out what holidaymakers can’t bear to leave at home. The results are very interesting to say the least!

In our recent survey, answered by more than 1360 people, more than 12% of respondents revealed that they can’t leave home without their gadgets – phones, tablets and music players. More than 8% will always take their e-reader as well.

Another high priority on the ‘holiday must-haves’ list is tea bags for a ‘proper cup of tea’ – 8% of those surveyed always take some on holiday. The same number are quite image consious with another 8% ensuring their hair dryer or straightener is packed for the trip.

For some, essentials included mayonnaise, mint sauce, slippers and toilet paper, whilst a few were a little more romantic with 4% saying they couldn’t leave home without their partner!

When asked ‘What is the most unusual thing you packed for your last holiday?’ the responses were a little more diverse but included a surprising diversity of food items, including something for the dog!

• 14 packets of instant noodles
• 24 curry pot noodles
• Mustard powder
• 2kg jelly babies
Dog food
• Corned beef
• Custard powder
• Baked beans and tomato soup

Love it or hate it, at least 2% of respondents had Marmite in their luggage. Non-food items were a little unusual too with 1% packing a hot water bottle and others taking a bath plug, a shower attachment, a long handled shoe horn and an extension lead.

All people surveyed had the chance to win flights with Monarch – the winner is: Vanessa Evans.

There’s still time to pack your suitcase with your favourite items this summer and grab some autumn sun! What will you be packing?


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