With the toughening of our already difficult economic times, the past couple of years have seen some Brits choosing to forego a much-deserved fortnight in the sunshine, choosing instead a staycation at home in an attempt to save cash. And this has never been so much the case as in 2012, when the promise of a summer of sport and culture has managed to mask – in part – the reality of the dismal British weather and congested city centres.

But given the cheap flights on offer, British holidaymakers may be missing a trick. Research from the Mirror Online shows that a break abroad can work out substantially cheaper than at home, with a three course meal in Spain costing just over half what it would in the UK. The Mirror reveals that the average cost of a holiday to Majorca for a family of four will be £2,036, whereas the equivalent in North Devon would average at £2,299.


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New research revealed by Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) also suggests that outbound travel has a major impact on the UK economy, and that by jetting off to the sunshine, Brits could actually be helping themselves along the road to recovery.

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And with petrol prices rocketing, and hotels all over the country hiking up their rates in a bid to make the most of London’s popularity this summer, the cost of holidays at home can quickly mount up. And, after all, who wants to pay over  the odds for a week cowering for cover in a seaside car park, when you could be sunning yourself from the comfort of a floating lilo – for less!

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If you’d like to capitalise on some of the unbelievable offers available on sunshine breaks this summer, check out Monarch’s range of holidays, starting from under £149 per person – less than the cost of a tank of petrol in a family car from London to Cornwall! Jet off to Tenerife in the Canary Islands for guaranteed fun in the sun, or head to the captivating Cypriot city of Paphos to discover ancient history and some extraordinary culture. With prices to rival any B&B across the country, there’s really no excuse for putting up with the drizzle…

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So what do you think – will you be staying home, or going abroad this summer? Tell us in the comments below!


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