Dubrovnik is a beautiful city from any angle, but nothing quite compares to looking down on it from above. This way, you get an amazing view of its medieval walls and stunning forts, which are set against a backdrop of bright blue sea and lush islands. This is exactly what you get at the summit of Srd Hill – but how do you get there?

While there is a road that winds its way up to the top, by far the most exciting option for tourists is the cable car. Destroyed by the Homeland War, the cable car service has since been rebuilt and is now one of the city’s most unmissable attractions. Here’s our guide to the cable car and Srd Hill.

On your way up

Dubrovnik cable car

The cable car station is located just outside the City Walls. Presuming you’re heading there from the Old City, you’ll need to make your way up one of the steeply stepped streets that come off Stradun. Take a left (if you’re facing the Clock Tower, that is – if you’re facing Pile Gate, it’ll be a right) on to Boskoviceva Street and continue up and out of the walls to take you directly on to Buza Street.

Ahead of you, you’ll see some kiosks selling cable car tickets which, at the time of writing, cost 100 kn for a return trip. Once you’re clutching your tickets, a one or two-minute walk up and to your right will take you to the cable car station – you can’t miss it. Then it’s just a question of waiting for the next car (don’t worry, they come very regularly!) and enjoying your speedy ride to the top of Srd Hill.

Each cable car has massive viewing windows to let you admire the scenery as you’re whisked to the summit – though, as you’d expect, everyone is keen to get window views, especially those looking back over the Old City, so you might have a bit of a battle on your hands to get a good spot!

Admire from the top

Dubrovnik view islands

Once you’re at the top, you’ll have a choice of observation decks from where to admire the absolutely incredible views out across the Old City and the lovely islands, such as Lokrum, that lie just off the coast. You may as well visit all observation areas while you’re here – one is layered on top of another, while a third takes the form of an outdoor auditorium.

As you’re admiring the view, you’ll notice a few other things, such as the incredible restaurant that allows you to dine with the unbelieveable backdrop of those amazing views. Called Panorama, this restaurant is a pretty unbeatable choice if you’re after somewhere romantic to eat with your partner.

Take a scenic stroll

Dubrovnik sunset

You’ll also notice the vast white cross, which stands as a memorial to those who lost their lives here defending Dubrovnik during the Homeland War – make sure you take the time to walk over to it for a closer look.

Take a stroll further around the hill and explore, watch the sun go down and enjoy the views across rural Croatia – or simply head back to the cable car for a scenic journey back to the city walls for a relaxing, refreshing drink on stunning Stradun.

Top tips for making the most of your cable car trip:

  • Come here for lunch.
  • Venture outside the visitors centre and take a walk – great scenery, a moving memorial and a fascinating museum await.



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