Tail of a Monarch A330 aircraft
If you missed out on our very popular Enthusiasts’ Day in October, here’s your chance! On 16 December we’ll be offering guests a behind-the-scenes daytrip, including return flights on Monarch Airlines aircraft, ramp tours at airports in Gatwick and Manchester, and a tour of the Monarch Airlines hangars.

The new itinerary (as below) has been specially developed based on feedback posted by enthusiasts on this blog, in aviation forums and via email to our offices. It’s been a real team effort and we’d like to thank everyone for your great ideas – including the very popular suggestion of operating the flight on one our A330 and A321 aircraft – this has been taken into consideration as you’ll see below.
I hope you’ll join us on this very exciting Enthusiasts’ Day!


1030 – Assemble at Monarch Airlines’ check-in, Gatwick Airport

1035 – Collect boarding passes for the roundtrip flights to Manchester

1105 – Hour-long airside bus tour of Gatwick Airport

1320 – Depart on “Enthusiasts Only Flight” MON373 to Manchester, operated on an Airbus A330-200

1425 – Arrive at Manchester and embark on ramp tour

1545 – Hour-long tour of a live airline hangar environment at Monarch Engineering

1655 – Return to Terminal 2 to complete security procedures

1825 – Depart on “Enthusiasts Only Flight” MON021 to London Gatwick on a Monarch Airbus A321-200

1925 – Arrive at London Gatwick

1930 – Final Q & A session held onboard the aircraft at LGW then visit the flight deck on departure

2000 – Completion of trip and goodbyes

All this for just £89 with the services of a Monarch Airlines staff member for the duration of the day. Excludes: Credit card booking fees.

Spaces are limited – so book now via Monarch Airlines reservations: 0843 227 1312.


  1. Great information on Monarch Blog | Second enthusiasts’ day ready to fly!.
    It is surely amongst the best that I

  2. Hi Monarch,
    I noticed that there has recently been a Monarch/ Airbus enthusiast’s day at Manchester. I’m wondering if there will be another enthusiasts day from Manchester similar to this one, with ramp tours and hangar visits, instead of just a visit to Airbus Chester. Still loving the idea that monarch is the only airline doing something like this! Thanks.

    • Hi Ryan, like previous occasions, the recent Enthusiasts’ Day did include hangar visits at our Manchester base. Hopefully you’ll be able to join us on our next adventure. Thanks for your comments!

  3. Hi to all at Monarch.

    Was just wondering if there would ever be the possibilty of joining a tour midway through the day missing the flights?

    Keep it up Monarch!

  4. If you want a 3D animated model of a Monarch aircraft I have built one and it is here.
    I’m more into travelling to Cyprus several times a year with Monarch rather than looking at aircraft but I thought that the good service Monarch has given us deserved a little publicity on my website.
    They were even very fair when we got stranded in Cyprus ( oh the pain of it :0) ) for an extra week because of volcanic ash.

  5. Have flown with monarch quite a number of times this last few years have nothing but praise for the punctuality of the flights & the efficiency of the onboard staff.

  6. Have flown with monarch quite a lot this last few years have nothing but praise for the airline
    always on time very good service on board.

  7. Just booked up to go on this day trip! Looks fantastic and I really cannot wait. Definitely an opportunity not to be missed.

      • I booked the trip through the reservations line at around 2:45pm this afternoon and received an email stating;
        “Thank you for your Monarch booking. We will send you further details of your booking shortly.
        The Monarch Team”

        I understand you are a busy team but I was just wondering when I would receive the second email with the itinerary and confirmation?

        Thank you once again for your fantastic work Catrionna! Have a brilliant evening.

        • Hi Jake, I think you’ve just made my day! I’ve passed your feedback on to our event organisers and I’m sure they’ll be pleased to hear there is an appetite for more Enthusiasts’ Days.

  8. I really hope you do decide to have one that starts from Manchester, just please don’t make it before the 14th December. Best would be to go down to Gatwick on a A300 and back on a A330 or vice-versa 🙂 I know lots of other northerns who are interested and I’m sure the tickets will be sold out within days.

  9. Will there ever be an Enthusiasts’ Day trip which starts from Manchester, as I live in the North West?

    • Hi Michael, there have been a number of requests for a Manchester start so I believe the organisers are looking into whether this would be feasible to run. Keep an eye out on our blog for further announcements! Thanks for your question.

  10. Dissapointed again. Sounds like an amazing day but again some of us have College. So it’ll be another wait. Please try and get it sorted where it’s either a weekend or sometime where some of us can get some time off. Have a good time all

    • Hi Jordan, I’m sorry you were disappointed this time. I’ve passed on your feedback to event organisers and hopefully there’ll be another Enthusiasts’ Day which suits you better soon.

    • Yeah that would also be good too. Would be so much easier if it was over a half term. 🙂 I wouldnt mind which aircraft as there are lots of A321’s i have yet to be on. Maybe not the A320 though i have been on 4 out of the 5 (G-OZBB X8, G-MRJK X3, G-MPCD X2 and G-OZBK X1). Also been on G-OZBT 6 times 🙂 Love Monarch though Great Airline.

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