Have you flown on our new ergonomic seats yet? Everyone is talking about them and we are really proud of the feedback we’ve had so far from our customers. Share our infographic below and read all about the exciting changes we’ve made! We’re rolling out seats with: entertainment tailored by you, a comfortable ergonomic design and no one leaning back in to your personal space!



Let us know what you think, what is the most interesting fact you’ve learnt from this? Find out more about the seats here: http://bit.ly/Eseats

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Hannah works in the Social Media team for Monarch Airlines and as an editor of the Monarch blog. A keen traveller and skier, she loves getting off the beaten track, preferring local restaurants and trying new things to those on the main strip. On the Monarch scheduled network she especially enjoys visiting Italy and France.


  1. Hi there. I love the new seats – they’re much roomier, make the cabin feel bigger and brighter and the tablet holders are excellent. I do however agree with some customers that say they’re a little uncomfortble for longer journeys. Birmingham to Barcelona for example is perfect, no problem. However a 5 hour flight to Cyprus can leave you a little numb!

    It’s a shame to hear you’ve stopped the roll out due to the new fleet in two years – how many of your current aircraft have the new interiors? Will the 737-8 MAXs have the new interiors or something different again?

    Also I read somewhere that Monarch are to lease 3 737-800s next year to get used to the aircraft type etc in anticipation of the MAXs in 2018. Will these have new interiors?

    Kind regards,


    • Hi Jack, thanks for your feedback on our new seats. I’m afraid we have don’t have an update on what kind of interior the new fleet will have yet, but please do keep an eye on the blog where we’ll be posting all the news on our brand new Boeing 737-8 MAXs when we have it! Look forward to welcoming you onboard soon.

  2. I’ve done 40 flights with Monarch over the past year and have never once seen these seats. Did the fleet-wide rollout get ditched since a new fleet is on order?

    • Hi Daniel, wow! Great to hear from such a loyal customer. We have been busy over the past 18 months updating many of our aircraft. Due to the new fleet arriving in two years this project has been paused as we look to 2018 and interiors for the new aircraft. Thanks.

  3. Hi,

    When will all the aircraft be fitted with the new seats? Travelled on them once and they are comfy!!

    Jake F

    • Hi Jake, glad to read you found them comfy! You might have heard that we’ll have a brand new fleet delivered in 2018 which means there will be new seats on all aircraft then. However the type of seats still needs to be confirmed – watch this space!

  4. Hello I am due to travel from Manchester to Tenerife on 26/2/16 and return on 4/3/16. Flight numbers ZB568 and ZB569 please could you advise if these aircrafts have the new seating?

    Thank you

    • Hi Rachael, unfortunately due to our operational schedule we can’t say whether the aircraft you will be on is fitted with the new seats, as the aircraft is often subject to last minute changes. I certainly hope you will find the journey comfortable, and that you have a wonderful time in Tenerife.

  5. Hi I’m thinking of flying with monarch on 9/4/16 to allicante from Leeds/ Bradford will it be one of your new planes ? I’m worried as I’m a size 24 and want to know if I will fit in the seat ok

    • Hello! Your flight is scheduled to go on one of our A320s which are not currently fitted with the new seats, however something to bear in mind is that last-minute changes do happen from time to time. I’m sorry I can’t give you more information on this, I do hope you find the flight with us comfortable and that you have a lovely time in Alicante.

  6. Hi. My family and I flew back from Lanzarote today on an A321 which had the new seats fitted. My 7 year old daughter loved the tablet holder and used it all the way. I also think the tablet holder is a great idea. I also liked how the plane seemed much roomier and lighter with the new seats in. However, I found the seat much more uncomfortable to sit in than the one I had on the outward flight (old style). It gave me a numb bum due to insufficient padding, although I liked the sides for more knee room! I also like the fact that they don’t recline as that is one of my pet hates on flights.

    • Hi Neil, thank you so much for your honest feedback. I am happy to read that your daughter enjoyed the tablet holder, and that you liked some aspects of the new seats! I have taken note of your concerns about comfort, and will be sure to pass it on to our team to see how this could be improved in the future. Hope you had a lovely time in Lanzarote!

  7. hi, i was wondering what aircraft our plane will be and whether it will have the new seats as they look brilliant, we are flying from manchester to preveza, on 26th july flight number ZB004 and return from preveza to manchester on 2nd august flight number ZB005

    • Hi Megan, glad you think the new seats look good! Both your flights are scheduled to operate on Airbus A321, but we don’t actually have any information in regards to which seats you’ll find on the aircraft unfortunately. I hope you get what you want and that you have a great time in Preveza!

  8. I have travelled with Monarch on many occasions and recently went to Portugal with them. We returned to Manchester on 24/06/15 on one of your new planes. I am sorry to say that I still have considerable pain in my lower back 5 days later which was not there when I took my seat on board your flight.
    It is fortunate that we flew out on a plane with the older style seats because this would have ruined my holiday.
    Sadly I will not be risking a recurrence. So sorry but a massive thumbs down from me

  9. I am a large lady and traveled with a friend who is also large but with a body disfigurement on her right hand side. I traveled on your new seats and want to assure people I didn’t need a seat belt extension (I am a uk size 24) I didn’t experience those horrible metal arms that dig in you and I had good leg room and the table came down. Sadly on the return flight with the old style seating i was very uncomfortable, so well done Monarch for leading the way, asking for a seat belt extension is embarrassing and I was once offered one as if she were passing me sanitary protection!! Hurry up and get all your flights fitted with them!!

    • Hi Carol, thanks firstly for your words of reassurance for our other passengers – it’s nice to have a bit of customer to customer advice on our blog. We are in the process of installing our new seats across the fleet so hopefully you will be able to enjoy the new seats in both directions the next time you fly with us. Thanks again for your post today.

  10. Hi I’ve never been on a plain before n I’m a large guy I’m just wondering on the length of the belts I’m travelling on the 07.30 from Luton to alienate thank you

    • Hi James, all of the seat belts have slightly different measurements. No need to worry though, all our aircraft have extendable seat belt attachments in case customers need more room. Please ask one of the cabin crew onboard and they will be able to assist you.

  11. Hi I am planning to fly Birmingham to Tenerife in June. We usually fly Monarch but not sure about these new seats. I am a Large person and usually book extra legroom at row 1. Are these still extra legroom? Could I also have the dimensions of the new seats as I am concerned I wont fit in them from what people are saying! Also are the armrests fixed or can they stil be put up out the way?

    • Hi May, yes we still have extra legroom seating across our whole fleet, even in the aircraft which have the new seats. I’m sure you’ll find the new seats much roomier feeling, even in standard seat pitch configuration, since they are specially sculpted at the back to give you more space for your knees. The seat measurements are in the graphic above, and I’m happy to confirm that the arm rests do flip up. I hope this helps you.

  12. Hello i have two questions-
    1. I commonly fly from Manchester To Alicante. I have experienced these new seats once and they are great but i would like to know long it will be before all aircraft operating that route have the new seats.
    2. Will older aircraft be given new seats and if so will they be made to feel modern and roomy.

    • Hi Charles, thanks for your post. I’m really pleased to hear that you enjoy the comfort and roominess of the new seats. I can tell you that they are in the process of being rolled out across the fleet. Seats are installed as the aircraft come in for regular checks, so we expect them all to be installed this year. I’ve referred your query to our product team so I can get more definitive answers for you. Thanks for your enquiry and for choosing to fly with us.

  13. We had these new-style seats when we flew to and from Crete in June 2014. They were SO uncomfortable that we have chosen not to fly with Monarch again, although we have been on four more return flight holidays since then, with other airlines.

    • Hi Lindsay, I’m sorry to hear you did not enjoy our new seating during your Monarch flight last year. After months of rigorous testing, Monarch introduced them to the fleet with generally very positive feedback from our customers. However, I regret that you did not find them comfortable and have have chosen to fly with other airlines in the meantime, which is very unfortunate. Is there anything we could do to tempt you to fly with us again? In any case, I do wish you all the best with your future holidays.

  14. Could you please give details of which plane we will be travelling on and if it has the new seats and the mplayer?
    We are travelling is 19 March, EMA to ACE ZB7478.
    Could you also tell me if we are able to use bluetooth headphones?


    • Hi Diane, the aircraft you are currently expected to be flying on is an A320. It will be fine to take your Bluetooth headphones with you however we will not know if MPlayer will be available until 24 hours before the flight. You will receive an email or text notification if it is available.

  15. Hello

    We are flying manchester to gibraltar on the 26/02/2015 will the new seats be on this aircraft?
    Also are the extra legroom seats the same but with more legroom ? and will the entertainment system be fitted to this aircraft.

    • Hi Mark, I apologise, I didn’t get to your comment before your flight departed. I hope you had the chance to experience our new seats and entertainment system on your flight?

  16. Hi ,, is it possible to advise if you will be using these seats again this year on the Birmingham to dalaman flights . I found them uncomfortable and suffered with sciatica after the flight ,,, I take around 10 flights a year ,, if you are using them again I will have to look elsewhere for my flights ,,, feeling hopeful .

  17. I am disappointed that you have pulled out of East Mids we flew out at least 4 times a year to Alicante Can you look at flying out of Doncaster Robin Hood Airport Thompson certainly need some competition there

    • Hi there, I’m sorry that this operational change has affected you. Unfortunately it is unlikely we will be operating out of Doncaster in the near future. Is it possible perhaps that you could find a convenient Monarch flight from Birmingham Airport, Manchester Airport or Leeds Bradford Airport? I do hope there is something in our schedule that will work for you.

  18. Boarded our plane October 2014 to fly to Gran Canaria and noticed the cabin felt airier,lighter and fresher. Sat on our seats and thought we had been upgraded. More legroom and a comfortable flight. On the way back was totally different,back to the old style…much preferred the new seats and roomy feel..thank you Monarch,it was a pleasure to fly with you (on the outward journey at least). Keep the improvements up!

    • Hi Malcolm, thanks very much for your positive review of your experience on our new seats. I’m pleased you enjoyed the change of atmosphere the modern look brings to the cabin, as well as the comfort and spaciousness. We are in the process of rolling the seats out over the fleet, so you’re likely to see them more often on both outbound and return flights as the year progresses. I will pass your feedback on to our cabin appearance and engineering teams – they’ll be delighted. Best wishes, Catrionna.

  19. You are quite right about passengers talking about the new seats the people on my plane were all saying how uncomfortable they were.
    On a 4 hour flight to Lanzarote you notice the lack of back support and are glad to get off the plane,hope we have the old seats on our next booked flight.
    These new seats will make me look elsewhere for flights.
    Can only give 1 out of 10 for comfort and width.

    • Hi Keith, we’ve had lots of mixed reviews and mainly positive. We’re now using the upgraded model after customer feedback during our trial flights. We have added more padding and cushioning to the seat. When did you try the seats? The new seats are designed to give you more room between each seat too. Thank you for your feedback and I’ll pass it on to the team.

  20. Is this closed for comments now as one I added a few days ago didn’t come up and it wasn’t anything horrid!

  21. The most UNcomfortable seat I have ever flown in. I think your ergo test team must all have been fit young people. I am now neither of these, but I have been flying since 1963 and have a great deal of experience of seats on aircraft. If you are going to roll these out on flights longer than 2hrs 30mins, I will be going to another airline (unfortunately as I would prefer to travel with Monarch).

  22. What a great idea, I hate the ‘recliners’ on a short economy flight, they really spoil the person seated behind’s experience for no real benefit to themselves. Much rather have the extra leg room seats (that’s why I always try and use Monarch in short haul) now the bonus wriggle room of the arms being able to be completely stowed.
    Can you tell me if these will be available on the scheduled LGW to DAL flights this summer?

  23. I travel very frequently on Monarch and am an Advantage customer. I have found the new seats very very uncomfortable. For a two hour flight they might be ok but when you are regularly doing 4.5 hours to 5.00 hours on a flight to Larnaca they are so uncomfortable. I had forgotten just how bad the new seats were until I flew back from Larnaca about eight days ago on a flight that had the old style seats. What absolute bliss!! You were able to sleep in comfort unlike on the new seats where sleep is impossible.
    Dreadful, dreadful, dreadful!!! If you were overweight I am not sure you would be able to fit into the seat as the arms cannot be lifted
    Whoever designed and agreed the seats were comfortable needs to lose their job! I always pay for extra leg room surely we are entitled to some comfort!! The seats are not wide enough and they are not long enough. What a total waste of money for Monarch. I shall certainly be looking round at other airlines even if I have to pay extra money for the flight. Comfort is of the essence.

    • Hi Kathy, thanks for your feedback sorry to hear you weren’t keen on the new seats. We’ve had some excellent scores on the feedback so I am sad to hear you don’t agree. Many Monarch staff have flown on the seats and given feedback on things they’d like altered which has meant different versions of the seats have been released. We’re now using the upgraded model after customer feedback during our trial flights. We have added more padding and cushioning to the seat. When did you try the seats? The new seats are designed to give you more room between each seat too. Thank you for your feedback.

  24. Hi There I travel with Monarch at least 11 times a year and am looking forward to trying these seats out that being they are on the Alicante flights the main problem i have is that the seat belt are very short could you look into improving the size of these as well Really looking forward to your response

    • We’re now using the upgraded model after customer feedback during our trial flights, can I ask what you meant by sizing? Are the seats too large? We have added more padding and cushioning to the seat so hopefully you found them comfy to sit in. When did you try the seats? The new seats are designed to give you more room between each seat too. Thank you for your comments.

  25. It says that the tablet holder is for 10.1″ tablets. Won’t the 7″ tablets fit then? Also will there be a screen to tell you where the plane is , how fast it is going and how l high it is flying?

    • Hi Laura, we will not be introducing screens as the majority of feedback showed customers did not use them. With MPlayer a customer can choose exactly what they want to watch. In the past few years, we’ve seen a huge increase in the number of smartphones and tablets brought onboard. This change in customer behaviour has presented Monarch with a really interesting opportunity – to give customers access to inflight entertainment, direct to their own device. It’s simple; customers need to download the app for free before they go on their Monarch flight. When the pilot switches off the fasten seatbelt sign, the cabin crew switch on MPlayer servers onboard selected aircraft. Customers only need to open up their MPlayer app, on their smartphone or tablet, and turn on Wi-Fi to access an array of TV shows, films, music and publications. There’s a mixture of free entertainment and you can also unlock premium media for £3.99 using a debit or credit card, simply entering the payment details whilst onboard. The 7″ do fit, as do smartphones and other tablets. I hope that helps! Hannah

  26. Are these new seats on all of your EU based aircraft?

    More specifically flights into spain, LEMG and LEIB


    • Hi John, they’re not available on all our aircraft as yet. We’re sending text messages at the moment whilst it’s limited to the passengers who will have it on their flight. The text’s are being sent the day before to remind you to download the app. I’m sorry Mplayer isn’t available on the two specific aircraft registrations you’ve asked about.

    • Hi Graham,

      Sorry to cause any surprise. We have a new spam filter just to ensure any spam comments don’t get posted and it will take a few hours to go through. The comments will reappear soon. In the meantime if there’s anything I can help with please do let me know? You can email me at social.media1@Monarch.co.uk


  27. Flew on aircraft with these seats for the first time last week and have to say I loved them. For me, a sufferer of claustrophobia, it is daunting enough to fly but I used to really struggle when the person in front reclined their seat (often almost immediately the seat belt signs were off!) so I’m delighted with these. Found them extremely comfortable too and very spacious…..well done Monarch!

  28. Will these seats be rolled out to sanford / Longhaul routes?? i think it’s about time airlines understood about problems caused with people reclining in such a small space..if these seats are going to be on longhaul flights we will definitely use Monarch a lot more!

  29. Love the new seats – seem to give you much more room as intended and great that you don’t have someone’s reclined seat in your face. Can live with the plastic covering. Mild criticism in that you can’t really store much behind the stretched elastic on the seat in front – newspapers, magazines – when combined with the three inflight brochures/mag anything extra just falls out. Also, my wife – who always gets stuck in the middle seat (chauvism rules, ok?)tells me the arm rests are simply not long enough.

    Otherwise big improvement on the older ones! 🙂

  30. I was fortunate enough to fly to Sharm el Sheik on one of the newly fitted out aircraft in May 14.
    I found the new seating to be excellent and very comfortable. The additional space created was most welcome as I am of a portly disposition and the withdrawal of the recline function a massive bonus – I have had drinks dumped in my lap on more than one occasion by what can only be described as chavs (and not necessarily young ones) jerking a seat backwards without even a courtesy ‘May I?’ I found it quite amusing to watch as they fumbled around and then moan when the realised there wasn’t a recline button 🙂
    The seats themselves are a faux leather which is much better than the cloth ones on most budget airlines which over time retain the shape, odour and detritus of the previous occupant.
    The new seats are cool to the touch and the fully retractable armrests make the space much more user friendly. Leather would have been the icing on the cake but I can see the cost vs benefit argument of not having them.
    As for the new tablet holders, what innovation! I have never been a fan of IFE, using small almost unwatchable drop down screens at strategic locations (in the most distant or awkward position to where I was sitting) and with the constant drone of the aircraft and incessant passenger (and their children’s) noise, this has made watching almost unbearable on most occasions and downright stressful on others. This is not the best start or end to my holiday.
    The fact that I can have my tablet at a good height to watch, enjoy good HD quality viewing and use my noise cancelling headphones, makes the experience so much more relaxing. I also don’t have the tray table down for the whole flight too.
    Well done Monarch for taking this approach. Thank you for listening to your customers, unfortunately you won’t please them all, but keep up the good work – I for one support your initiatives.

  31. These seats look fab! And there good for when you have iPads andd tablets. Before I have seen these seats… I thought that Jet2.coms seats was good., But now I have changed my mind! But… Does these seats have pull out cup holders like they have on Jet2.com? Well done any way Monarch! 🙂 I look foward to sit on one of these new seats!

    • In the past few years, we’ve seen a huge increase in the number of smartphones and tablets brought onboard. This change in customer behaviour has presented Monarch with a really interesting opportunity – to give customers access to inflight entertainment, direct to their own device. It’s simple; customers need to download the app for free before they go on their Monarch flight. When the pilot switches off the fasten seatbelt sign, the cabin crew switch on MPlayer servers onboard selected aircraft. Customers only need to open up their MPlayer app, on their smartphone or tablet, and turn on Wi-Fi to access an array of TV shows, films, music and publications. There’s a mixture of free entertainment and you can also unlock premium media for £3.99 using a debit or credit card, simply entering the payment details whilst onboard. Really hope you’re excited to try them out.

  32. Good Evening,
    Could you tell me if you still get the tablet holder in from of you in row 1? also whats the best way to find out if the aircraft your travelling on has the new seats?

    • Hi Neil,

      Row 1 does not have the tablet holder. However I recently flew to Lanzarote in the front row (lucky me!) and there is a great amount of personal space. It’s also good to mention here that emergency exit seats have fixed arm rests as they have lap tables for customers to use. It’s always best to double check what is available on the seat you are potentially booking as one of our advisors can ensure what you’re looking for is available to avoid disappointment.

  33. I’m afraid I didn’t find the new seats that comfortable although just about ok on the 2 hours 15min flight I went on – I don’t think I could have stood them much longer ie on one of your longer flights. The armrests are also very flimsy with some rough edges on the underside. Love the expression “entertainment tailored by you” which I translate as ‘we didn’t want to pay any extra and have our planes fitted with IFE’ – it is possible to have both you know! I like the idea of non reclining but just wish they were more comfortable and had decent fabric or leather rather than the plastic. I also recently flew on one of your second hand, just purchased A321’s which had grey leather Recaros – a far better solution in my opinion and a pity you tried to invent the wheel as I regard these as the best for the budget airlines.

    • Hi Dave,

      Thanks for your feedback and for taking the time to comment. We went through many stages of testing for comfort and therefore I am sorry to hear you didn’t find the seats comfy. Really glad to hear you found some positive aspects of our seats. Did you find the infographic useful?

      I will pass these comments on to our design team so they can add to all comments we collect linked to the new seats onboard.

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