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Join our customer services director Charlene Kane for a LIVE Facebook chat about our onboard menu on Tuesday!

Here at Monarch we’re always looking for ways to get to know you better, so we can tailor our services to your needs and make improvements. Many of you are now on Facebook and some of you even ‘like’ our page and post regularly about your inflight experiences. We’ve learned a lot in the last year by listening to your thoughts and feeding them back to various departments to improve your experience.

One of the most topical issues we’ve discussed this year is our onboard menu.  The new products have as always been decided based on your feedback and a little bit of clever market research by our inflight catering team. The next menu update will be coming up in a few months and to ensure this is even more to your tastes, we’d like to talk turkey with you!**

Special event: Facebook chat about onboard menus
Lead by: Monarch Customer Services Director Charlene Kane
Date: Tuesday 29 May
Time: 12:30pm-1:30pm
Location: The Wall at

Here’s how it works

  • Help us to prepare by sending your questions about our onboard menu by email to by Sunday 27 May (not compulsory)
  • Equally, feel free to pop a question in the comments below
  • Meet us at on Tuesday 29 May between 12:30pm-1:30pm.
  • Watch our for our post announcing Charlene’s ready to chat.
  • When you see this announcement, add your question as a comment on this post.
  • Please note: Please don’t post other separate questions relating to the chat on our wall as it’s rather easy to confuse us!

What are we going to be talking about?

We don’t like to put you on the spot, so here are a few ideas to get the creative juices flowing and your thinking cap thinking, before the live event:

  • Do you like certain elements of a breakfast/lunch/dinner, but perhaps not others so much?
  • Do you prefer a certain snack, or wish we stocked a different brand of soft drink (the old Pepsi/Coke challenge!)
  • Do you like to eat a meal onboard or prefer to grab something before you fly?
  • Do you wish we would do something different in general? Bring your ideas along!

Contingency plans & community rules

  • This is a great opportunity to tell Charlene what you think of our food. Please try to offer constructive feedback and explain what it is you like or dislike so that we can make changes accordingly. We will seriously consider all reasonable ideas and requests, but we can’t promise we’ll be able to implement all of them
  • Please stick to the topic because in the limited time we’ll have, we won’t be able to answer anything off topic
  • Charlene will try to answer as many on topic questions as possible, that we receive by 1:30pm. If she can’t answer everything, we’ll answer as many as we can later here on our blog
  • Charlene will try to answer your questions personally, but if we receive multiple questions about roughly the same topic, we’ll try to answer them all together as a theme
  • Please only post your question once – we’ll see it there even if we don’t answer it immediately. We’ll do our best to pick it up on the blog later if there’s not time to reply
  • Please stick to the normal rules of friendly engagement, i.e. be friendly to other people in the discussion even if you disagree with their point of view, use clean language and so on. Our full ‘safety card’ gives some overall guidance
  • We are hoping for a lively, but friendly, debate. In the unlikely event of a “troll” turning up, we reserve the right to delete posts in order to minmise offense to other participants. We’re not in the business of deleting posts we don’t agree with
Look forward to seeing you there!

**Turkey isn’t on the menu at the moment. It could be, but it’s just an expression. Sorry!


  1. I think, on most flights to European destinations, eating is just ‘boredom eating’ anyway, and not always really necessary. Maybe, if that gap needs to be filled, sandwiches or baguettes would be more acceptable than a more conventional meal.

    You could also offer a variety of fillings, so that those with allergies or dietary preferences could make a choice without having to book beforehand

    • Hi Keith, thanks for your feedback. I think you may have a point but it’s also possible that because passengers are booking their meals in advance, rather than boredom eating, it’s just something they like to enjoy as part of their flying experience. We do offer snacks onboard for those who feel peckish and/or want something to help pass the time – these are great if you’re not really into planning your meals long in advance of travel!

  2. I was just lurking here, because I haven’t flown with Monarch since 2005 (Crete). There’s a note in my journal that I didn’t eat on the aircraft, because I wasn’t very hungry, having had a good breakfast at Gatwick; I didn’t really fancy anything that was on offer … and I could smell the preservative from where I sat!

    Hopefully, things have improved … ????

  3. This isn’t about in flight food sorry but i thought it was a great opportunity to ask if monarch would consider putting flights on from belfast to bodrum turkey? Thomas cook/Thomson have a stranglehold on the market and we have no choice but to fly with them (property owner in bodrum). a bit of competition wouldn’t go amiss plus we pay hugely inflated prices because of lack of competitors!!

  4. I would love it if airlines served fresh fruit/fruit salads even healthier foods on their flights! It’s so important to keep hydrated and fruit is so refreshing on a flight. Salty snacks make you bloat and dehydrated. So, is there any chance that Monarch will sell fruit salads and healthier food on board in future, please?

  5. I generally always fly monarch and find the service very good, except for the food!

    We (pre)ordered food for our return journey as it was a late flight and we would be unable to eat when we arrived back in blighty.

    Nowhere on the flight details could you specify any allergies. A member of our group has a SEVERE allergy to mushrooms!!

    We asked the onboard crew what ingredients was in the food they were serving. They couldn’t tell us, as the only way to get that information was on the Monarch Intranet (which is unsuprisingly unavailable whilst up in the air!!)

    We boarded the flight and we were served our food. We discovered the meat based evening meal was a beef stew, and contained mushrooms. So that particular member avoided eating that and was supplied with a replacement meal: the vegetarian option… it was only after a few bites of that, that mushrooms were also discovered in that. This particular member then had to dose up with medication just to ease the symptoms! It didn’t make for a very good journey home!

    Please can you improve on this by at least listing the ingredients in each meal and provide a facility for people to declare allergies to peanuts, mushrooms etc. etc. ?

    kind regards

    • Hi Martin, I think we discussed this on Facebook but just to reiterate, that’s an unfortunate situation and we would like to avoid a repeat of that. We’re looking at ways to make this information more visible to customers and our crew. – Charlene

  6. Food…what food. We are flying “Premium” to Sanford on Thursday 31st May. We just rang the customer services (Monday 0920hrs) to request vegetarian and were told that we can’t order vegetarian as we have to do that 5 days before departure ! Where did it say that in the booking page. Too bad if you book last minute. Even more amazing we can’t order vegetarian on our return leg in two weeks time because that had to be in five days before the outbound flight. So we have to take sandwiches on board. So much for Premium service and price! Not a great start is it Mister George, lets see if you listen to your customers now?

    • Hi Tony, thanks for your post. I have passed your comments on to our customer services team and I believe they are trying to contact you by the email address you registered on this blog with.

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