With all the excitement of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee looming, we have put together an infographic to demonstrate just how much air travel has changed over the past 60 years.

The Diamond Jubilee is a chance for the country to celebrate, and with so many cheap flights on offer, the patriotic colours of the infographic show just how much cheaper it is to fly now than it was 60 years ago!

With so many airlines offering cheap flights, it is no surprise that flying is more popular now than it ever has been before. There are several interesting changes that have been made since the 1960’s though; these days we’re used to long queues through check-in and security, in the 60’s you wouldn’t have needed to go through any security procedures before getting on a flight, or even take identification! Passengers tended to be businessmen, and they even had the option of being able to smoke on any flight!

Our infographic shows you the differences between air travel when the Queen first began her reign, and now. It also gives you some interesting facts about air travel over the last 60 years, plus a few facts you may not have known about Her Majesty herself! Have a look at the infographic and see just how much has changed, and how much of it has coincided with Her Majesty’s jubilees over the 60 years!


How flights changed - Monarch Infographic

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title=”Queens Diamond Jubilee 2012 – How Air Travel has Changed – Monarch”>
<img src=”http://ytpics.iprospectfeeds.com/infographic-queens-jubilee-flights-monarch-thumb.jpg”
alt=”Cheap flights” />



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