We recently attended Birmingham Pride with our very own Monarch float, and had a blast! I caught up with Natalie, Marketing & Partnership Executive, who helped organise Monarch’s involvement in the event.

Hello Natalie! To start with, tell me about the choice to take part in a parade.

Well, this year Monarch were keen to show its support to the LGBT community as a whole, and also to the same community within the company. We looked at lots of different ways we could get involved, and felt that a parade would be the best way to achieve our goal, as well as giving our employees the opportunity to take part in a fun way.


Why did you choose Birmingham Pride?

Birmingham is our biggest base and with this being the 20th event for Birmingham Pride, we knew it was going to be huge. They estimated over 75,000 people engaged with the event over the weekend and it was their most successful parade. With over 75 walking floats, vehicles & buses, it was a great parade to be part of!

Who was part of the Monarch float?

We had a fantastic group which included employees from all over the business – from cabin crew to engineers. It was great to bring different bases and departments together and also meet some of our employees’ friends and family. Our crew are at the core of all our communications, so it was brilliant to have several participants wearing their uniform on the day. They were asked for a lot of pictures!

IMG_0149 (3)

What was the highlight of the event?

I think the energy of our group on the day was amazing and having a walking float allowed us all to interact with the crowd. My favourite part was the safety demonstration that the crew performed. It was a really fun way to get everyone involved!

That’s great to hear it went so well! Will Monarch be taking part in any more similar events?

As our involvement with Birmingham Pride was so successful, we’d certainly like to take part in other parades around the UK! We think that it’s not only a good opportunity to give back to our own LGBT community, but it’s also a great chance for people to interact with Monarch brand and  see what we stand for. I’d love to see us attend both Manchester Pride and Brighton Pride (both taking place this August). They are both huge events, and no doubt a lot of fun!



Naomi is the Social Media and Content Executive at Monarch and is a regular contributor to the Monarch blog. She is a big lover of Northern European countries and is very excited for the launch of one of Monarch's newest routes, Stockholm!


  1. Why are their no flights to larnaca from Birmingham this winter, and will you be operating summer flights 2017 Birmingham to larnaca

    • Hi Pearl, unfortunately the route was stopped due to commercial reasons, as we plan to operate more regular services to our most popular destinations. However I’ll make sure I pass your comment on to the commercial team as route decisions are also influenced by feedback. Watch this space for any changes!

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