(Luton, UK – 06 May, 2016) A West Midlands pensioner has faced her fears and finally taken to the skies for the holiday of a lifetime.

Olive Jones had always had a desire to board a flight but had been too nervous to fly – until now.

At the age of 85, Mrs Jones finally plucked up the courage to realise a life’s ambition, and last week went on holiday to Venice after her great nephew proved the inspiration to broaden her horizons.

Mrs Jones, of Tipton, said she couldn’t wait to finally spread her wings, having spent many years looking up at aircraft flying overhead and wondering what it would be like to fly.


Mrs Jones said “From the moment we got to the airport everyone was so kind and attentive.

The Monarch check in supervisor could see I was nervous and came across and talked me through what would happen from check-in through to arriving in Venice.

“This really put my mind at ease. When we boarded the aircraft the crew were lovely and helped settle me in for the flight. I couldn’t believe I was actually going to be flying up in the air!

“I was quite scared when it came to take-off – but I was determined to go through with it and I did!” she said.

“The pilot was lovely and rather good looking too, meeting him helped ease my nerves, I knew I was in safe hands.”


Mrs Jones was joined on her European adventure by her son, Michael, and her great nephew James who is employed as cabin crew for the airline. James had told Olive about some of the amazing experiences he’d had whilst working for Monarch during the past eight years.

Mr Gibson, who is based at Birmingham airport, said: “Olive has a real zest for life and new adventures, but she has always been nervous about take-off and landing. She likes coach travel so I told her it was just like being on a coach that travels a bit quicker and a bit higher off the ground and she eventually agreed to try it.”

Olive in flight deck

“She is proud of my career, working for Monarch and is always singing their praises to people at her social clubs. I explained to her that the best way of telling people about Monarch is to sample their service for herself so we sent off for a passport and away we went.

“I’m really proud of her and I feel privileged to have accompanied her during her first ever flight. When it came to choosing an airline, of course it was always going to be Monarch.

“It has been the experience of a lifetime for her, I’m sure. The only question is where do we go for our next holiday?”

Olive in VeniceFor more information visit www.monarch.co.uk


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