Today (16th January) is said to be the most depressing day of the year so beat the blues and look to discover somewhere new. Check out our new routes to Stockholm, Zagreb and Porto that are now on sale from £29!


Stockholm | Sweden


Stockholm the capital of Sweden offers a hub of creativity and history. Famously known for bringing us IKEA, H&M and ABBA the city is a hybrid of diverse culture; from contemporary design in Ostermalm to medieval taverns in the cobbled streets of Gamla Stan you can get the best of both worlds in Stockholm. Parks and gardens make up a third of the city and is the perfect destination for a long weekend away where you can take in the beautiful landscapes of the Baltic Sea.

Other than the amazing shopping, restaurants and bars it is worth taking in all the history. Visit Stockholm’s City Hall which is their most iconic silhouette depicting the history of Sweden through 18 million mosaic golden leaves. If that view isn’t spectacular enough then climb the building to overlook the city.  Even the undergrounds are beautiful and are referred to as ” the world’s longest art gallery” making you feel like you are constantly travelling through exciting stories in your journey around Stockholm.
Sweden board

Zagreb | Croatia


Zagreb has become a popular European destination for summer over the past couple of years and is bursting with vibrant attractions. Being the north western capital of Croatia it is an oasis for travellers looking for adventures and traditional cultures. Zagreb is also called “a city of museums” as there are more of them per square foot than any other city in the world and its compact size makes it the perfect place to navigate around. The city is split into three parts Upper Town which holds the Presidential Palace, the iconic St Mark’s Church and galleries which are all set in cobbled streets lit by gas lamps. The 19th century Lower Town is made up of shops, cafes, theatres and parks and then the town of “New Zagreb”.

Zagreb is the closest airport to get you to the world famous Plitvice Lakes home to the most breathe taking waterfalls so make sure you look into excursions before your trip!

zagreb board


Porto | Portugal

Porto, Portugal old buildings.

Porto is the north west coastal city of Portugal and is famous for its fantastic bridges and port wine. The picturesque streets, opulent buildings and romantic aura merits itself a visit at any time of the year. Porto is the most traditional city out of our new routes and is well known for the native’s warm spirited hospitality and magnificent monuments. Whilst still keeping its traditions Porto has also developed significantly over the last 50 years and has become more renowned for their gastronomy and cosmopolitan down towns.

If you are looking for a more leisurely experience then Porto is perfect for you. Not only can you walk through beautiful vineyards and gardens but you can play golf in the mountains or on the beach whilst enjoying the mild climates and glorious landscapes. Be sure to visit the Douro riverbank and the Church of Sao Francisco all of which are World Heritage protected by UNCESCO.

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    • Hi Sheila, we’ll be flying to Porto from Manchester and Luton and Stockholm from Birmingham and Luton. We hope you’re excited as we are about our new routes!

  1. Congratulations #TeamMonarch. From near extinction you go from strength to strength. I have a behind the scenes role, not just with Monarch but with other airlines. I am an aircraft cleaner. I fell in love with Monarch after chatting to Cabin Crew, Flight Crew and Engineers alike. Not ONE of the Monarch team have been disrespectful in any way and have answered my barrage of questions. (I have just started working towards my PPL-Private Pilots Licence). I am enamoured with Monarch and it’s set up. Keep up the good work.

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