Every time you fly with Monarch we will send you an email to ask for your thoughts on the flying experience from start to finish. Your feedback is really important to us; whether it’s good or bad to help make sure every Monarch flight is as good as it can be. Sometimes external influences out of our control can create delays and problems that disrupt your flight with us. We try to keep these to a minimum but it’s important to us that we communicate with you in the best way about these issues.

Our detailed survey gives lots of suggestions on how we can improve your journey so here are some of the things we have changed based on your feedback over the last year.

On Board Food Delivery

We’ve recognised that on some flights our food is so popular that it sells out! This we have heard from your comments is very frustrating particularly when travelling with children or on an empty stomach. We work very hard to make sure there is minimal food wastage on board our flights as everything is cooked on the flight it cannot be then re-used for the next flight. Sometimes we get unexpected demand for our food which leaves us short of toasties or our beloved bacon Panini’s!

Ongoing we continue to explore ways to meet your demands, we have increased stock levels across all flights and have also added products that can be stored for more than one flight.

Exciting New Products Tested By You

Over two thirds of you purchase food or drink on board so we know it’s important when flying. We’ve heard you ask for more variety on the coffee and to be more like the coffee shops on the ground. This month (July) we have introduced Nescafe Lattes with lovely authentic syrups that you’ll see on the high street as an indulgent treat on your flight. Make sure you try one on your next flight.

Last year across our range we added more Vegetarian and Gluten Free options, through our snack boxes which came from customer feedback.

Based on your menu feedback we continue to improve your favourites; this year after customer panel testing we improved the cheese toasty and changed the cheese we used. The forthcoming new Burritos (on board from 1 August) were tested on 20 customers who then chose the flavours we will have onboard. We have also tested our breakfasts with numerous sausages and different egg types!

We also heard that you wanted more beer variety so after careful consideration we’ve added Brewdog IPA to our alcoholic menu – a real hit for the Craft Ale drinkers amongst you.

on board food

Keeping The Family Entertained

Last year during our busy summer months you told us that travelling with children can be stressful at times and asked if we could do something to help out. This summer we have introduced free kids colouring in packs to keep the little ones busy on board which we hope may help a little.

This is a trial that will be launched on flights from London Gatwick on most flights. If successful we’ll look to expand to other airports. Don’t forget to tweet us your amazing colouring masterpeices to @monarch!

Online Check In

Last year our online check-in was changed to be free 24 hours before departure; before this it was only available to those customers who had pre purchased a seat. This we heard was frustrating to you and felt that you were forced to purchase a seat. Our pre seat purchase is there for those to carefully pick the best seats on the plane and not to force you to check in online so we therefore made changes to do this. As a result more of you are checking in online than ever before and avoiding the check in desks all together.

Storage Space in the Cabin

On particular flights we know that space in the overhead lockers can be limited when the number of carry on bags is high. You have told us that it’s frustrating to be searching for a space and also that it can hold up a flight so we have made active changes to combat this.

The cabin can only hold so much, so our cabin crew are now notified if the number of hold bags (purchased bags) is lower than usual. This then results in crew knowing they may need to be available on boarding to provide extra help with storing bags and to then to store cabin bags in the hold when space is low.

Refreshing Our Seats and Maintenance

Although our planes are continually checked it is sometimes difficult to check every seat. We’ll soon be updating our whole fleet with new planes so we are aware that sometimes seats might need some maintenance. From filling out our customer surveys we have been able to increase the number of seat or interior refreshes on board over the last year. So keep telling us! We want your journey to be as smooth as possible.

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  1. My wife and I have not used Monarch for a number of years, preferring to use EasyJet. However, we decided to give Monarch another try.
    I began checking in online today and find that your system has NOT improved in the slightest. If you do not have the expertise to operate at least a customer friendly system….. copy EasyJet system.
    If that is too difficult for you, why not use focus groups, using the god old British Public, THEN LISTEN and apply their suggestions.
    We were conned into paying for seating in the middle and back of the plane by your confusing system and are very upset.
    We will not be flying with Monarch again and will quickly return to good old wonderful EasyJet.
    I wonder if this email will ever be read.
    Gerald Pugh

    • Thanks for your comments Gerald – we listen to every comment and are always working to improve our online check in facility as well as be completely transparent. Our focus groups have told us that online check-in is important so we will continue to find ways to make it as easy as possible, and last year we enabled free online check in within 24 hours of departure regardless of a seat purchase. Having said this we are currently looking into ways to make even more visible throughout the flight booking process so the option of a seat purchase clearer.

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