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As many scheduled airlines cancelled flights amidst the Spanish general worker strike yesterday, we were pleased to be able to operate our full planned schedule of flights with minimal disruptions.

Monarch carried a total of 7,874 customers to and from Spain (including Canaries and Balearics) on 44 flights. Our passengers experienced minor delays throughout the day, with the maximum delay being an hour. 

Managing Director Kevin George said careful planning sessions were held in the days leading up to the strike. “These sessions led to a multitude of options being considered; including cancelling a percentage of our planned flying in line with the Spanish CAA’s minimum services provisions and rescheduling flights to arrive after the end of the strike.

“As part of our contingency plan we made full use of the expertise and local knowledge contained within our overseas team and also other contacts within the wider Monarch Group. This enabled us to put together as clear a picture as possible into what level of disruption was likely, what the risks were to our operation, and crucially – how we best met the expectations of our customers to deliver the best possible service we could.

“Having considered all possible courses of action, and given the information we had, we decided that we would operate our full programme, with a number of contingency plans in place to allow us to react to all the possible issues we thought we may be faced with.

“Our decision to run our full planned flight schedule was a huge success enabling us to make sure our passengers experienced minimal disruptions to their travel arrangements.”

We would like to thank everyone in the Monarch team for their hard work in minimising disruption. We’d also like to thank all passengers affected for their patience, understanding and good humour on the day.

Catrionna is the social media & content manager for Monarch Airlines and an editor of the Monarch blog. A keen traveller, she loves exploring destinations on the Monarch scheduled network and especially loves Spain and Italy.


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