Whether it’s a full-time job or just a jet-setting hobby, there’s no one better to get travel advice from than the humble travel blogger!

Here are our five favourite wanderlust writers for the month:


Ed from www.rexyedventures.com gives us 15 tips on what to do in Dubrovnik this summer. We have previously mentioned how Dubrovnik is one of our very favourite cities and thanks to Ed’s blog you can really make the most of your time here. Ed the self-styled handsome traveller offers many reasons to return to his blog, not only does he offer useful insights into numerous destinations but his holiday snaps tend to be very easy on the eye too.


Thanks to Kelsey from www.kelsapoodle.com – A great blog about Venice, which makes it feel like we are once again experiencing the city for the very first time. Kelsey’s excitement and wonder of this beautiful Italian city comes shining through the screen, as it does in all her posts. Her enthusiasm is really making us want to book another Venetian adventure.


Dave from www.baldpacker.com gives us an insight into the intriguing country of Gibraltar. The blog provides a quick tour of this slice of Britain in the sun, as well as providing us with a history lesson and a look at the quirky side of life such as odd parking laws. Dave took the brave decision to sell his house in order to travel the world and as a result his blog provides great insights to countries all over the world.


Christine from www.grrrltraveler.com visits the mystical Meteora in Greece. With a landscape more at home in Middle Earth than the Med, Christine guides us through this most magical place. Christine’s blog helps us unravel the mystery of Meteora and has us itching to visit the monasteries and hermit holes ourselves. As well as shedding light on this Greek gem Christine provides countless helpful videos on travel knowledge such as what to pack and how to beat pickpockets.


Identical twins Claire and Laura guide us through 24 hours in Munich on the blog www.twinsthattravel.com. The girls give us a detailed guide to 5 of the must see attractions that Munich has to offer, including how long the tours and guides take, which is essential for those on tight deadlines. The girls provide many more useful guides to destinations all over the world as well as general travel advice such as how to overcome jet lag.

Which of your favourite travel blogs would you like to see feature on the Monarch blog?


Jessica is a passionate traveller and regular contributor to the Monarch blog. She is also on a continuous hunt for the World's best beaches.


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