Are you just about to head off on your summer holidays and are looking for some tips and advice on what to see and do? Yes? Well look no further than this month’s selection of the finest bloggers who share their top travel tips on some of our favourite destinations.


Shivani from the imaginatively titled Cloud in a Teacup is a self-confessed internet addict and set up her blog to share her adventures with the world wide web. In this post Shivani and her husband visits beautiful Nice in the south of France. After having studied French at university and living in the country for over a year, Shivina knows a thing or two about France. We love the fantastic array of pictures in this post which really highlight the many delights Nice has to offer.


Francesca, Roberto and little Patato from Patato Friendly are passionate Italians who love their country, and we can see why. Their blog is designed to show off the country they love and offer advice to those travelling to Italy with children. In this post Francesca offers some fantastic advice on what to see and do in Turin with your kids. Handily she offers some tips and advice for all eventualities, even if it rains. For anyone planning a family trip to Turin this is a must read!


Travelphant is bursting with great tips and insights on destinations right across the world. In this post Mark Shaw visits the Eternal City, Rome.  Like us Mark has long held a fascination of the city but he still wasn’t prepared for what awaited him. His delight at what Rome had to offer comes bursting through the screen as he visits some of the most iconic landmarks in the city. Mark has also managed to capture some truly breathtaking photos which really inspire you to follow in his footsteps and visit this ancient heart of the Roman world.


While Alexandra from Bright Eyed Bakes is predominantly a food blogger in this post she has combined her love of baking with a trip to Naples. Alexandra takes us through many of the foodie and tourist delights to be found in Naples as well as nearby hot spots Sorrento and Capri. For those who like their food as much as their travel this blog is for you. There are also plenty of recipes for you to try out to banish those post-holiday blues.  Ro


The Pretty Blog is a life style blog dedicated to, well, all things pretty. This of course includes some stunning destinations such as the Pearl of the Adriatic, Dubrovnik. In this post Toni Fawzy visits the capital of Croatia and offers some fantastic insights in to the very best things to see and do in Dubrovnik. Toni gives us a really in-depth guide to this holiday hot spot and even talks about the stunning architecture Dubrovnik has on offer. She also has plenty of gorgeous photos, which perhaps is not that surprising from a blog dedicated to all things pretty.

Are you a travel blogger? Let us know if you’d like to feature on the Monarch blog.


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