New livery on G-OZBT exterior

It’s not every day an aircraft is treated to a makeover, but this week a Monarch A321-231 plane was given a sparkling new treatment inside and out. Shiny new decals have been applied to the exterior, while the interior has been freshened up, with new head rest covers and fun new window shades.

Sweet dreams window shade and extra space on Monarch aircraft

Following instructions on a highly detailed technical drawing, it took two specialist technicians two nights to prepare and install the decals, with one side of the plane completed each night. Spanning some 335 square feet (31 square metres), the Monarch brand now covers a third of each side of the fuselage of G-OZBT.

First of all the fuselage was carefully cleaned and dried, before blank white decals were applied to cover existing painted-on wording. Once the self-adhesive decals were smoothed on, they were carefully trimmed and sealed around the edges.


Monarch G-OZBT left side exterior

The first of 30 aircraft to be redecorated, G-OZBT can be spotted at our London Gatwick and Birmingham bases in the UK, and will be used for flights to Faro, Menorca, Dalaman and Palma, as well as flights to Spain.

Monarch’s fleet is a mixture different sized and shaped aircraft, including A330s, A300s, A320s and B757s, which presents an interesting challenge for the operations department and graphic artists. Each of the aircraft will have decals specifically tailored to fit the appropriate fuselage and the new livery will appear on the fleet over the coming months. Keep an eye out!

Monarch A321 interior

What do you think of the new Monarch livery? Have you spotted the G-OZBT? We’d love to know! Please leave your comments below.


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  1. The scheme has changed again. It is now a more pinky colour instead of purple and the yellow has gone up the tail. It is G-OZBK which has been painted in it. It is not my picture, i found it on the net but there are problems with the link so when I find another one i will put it on here 🙂 Also heard G-MRJK will be painted in it shortly too.

  2. Hi Catrionna

    Im affraid Im not a fan of the latest aircraft colour design at all.

    I much prefered the multi-coloured yellow and indigo “M” on the tail. It was an eye catcher.
    The new plain indigo “M” just looks dull and bland.
    Also I don’t think it looks right repeating the big “M” logo on the main aircraft fuselage (body) when you have one on the tail. It just makes it look to busy and cluttered. I would like to see in big letters on the body but without the extra “M” as this should be on the tail only.


    • Hi David, thanks for your feedback. Logos evolve over time and it’s always possible the multi-coloured look will come back one day but for now, we’ve refreshed it with an all-purple look to match the branding on the fuselage. I’ve passed your comments on to our operations team, thanks for your post.

  3. An A300 has the new colours!!! It is G-MONS and i found a picture of it in the new colours on if anybody wants to see it! 🙂

  4. Hi Catrionna,
    The new livery looks great. Much better than the Britannia which was Monarch yellow painted over Eagle red. I was in the design office when the 720’s were added to the fleet and the only yellow was a stripe between the grey and white. Most passengers when asked the aircraft colour, said yellow. It is such a dominant colour. If I have a comment I think there should be a little less yellow at the rear as it might make her bum look big in that. Can’t say until I see it in the flesh, if you know what I mean.

  5. Hi, we flew back from Tenerife on 21st October to Manchester arriving early morning 22nd.. We understand that the aircraft was 25 YEARS old!! It was a wide bodied aircraft with 3 – 3 – 3 seat configaration. We had paid extra for leg room seats. Very surprised that the seat appeared to be very old and the tables were concealed in the seat arms!! When these were opened up I considered them to be very unsafe for the hot cup of coffee I ordered. Will these seats be phased out in the near future as I feel that the table is dangerous.

  6. The new livery looks OK but I think the Crown on the fuselage needs to go, one of the things unique about the crown on all Monarch livery’s is it should only be on the tail. This tradition needs to continue! I also like the idea of a yellow tail if your not going to continue putting yellow on the tail crown, with these 2 additions, you will have a fantastic livery.

  7. Hello. Do we know which is the next aircraft to be painted? Hopefully G-OZBN or one of the A320’s.

  8. hi is there anything better for wheelvchair dependant passengers instad of the woefully inadequate miniscule.,and degrading aisle seat and being lifted ito place by incompetant lifgters

    • Hi Ray, I’m sorry to hear you had a poor experience boarding with us. I have passed on your email address to our customer services team and have asked them to email you directly to find out more about this.

  9. Hey the new billboard titles look great, it’s about time Monarch shouted about their amazing brand! I also love the new window blinds!

    It’s a shame, however, that the three spots on top of the spotty M in the tail are no longer yellow, it makes it look a little bland. Apart from that, can’t wait to see it rolled out across the rest of the fleet.

  10. Hi Catrionna,

    As the social media executive for Monarch Airlines and an editor of the Monarch blog.

    Why do you not have a “Pic” or “Avitar” so we can all see.. who you are?

    Looking forward to your update

    Terry AKA the aviator 😉

  11. It’s ok putting the sticker on decals and doing a few paint jobs !!! But most people I have spoken to on my trips with you which is about 5 return journeys per year. WHERE’S WIFI ON AIRCRAFT !!!!!!!!

  12. It would be better still if they saved the money and had a row of seats taken out instead to give a bit more room. Oh and a compulsory creche in a soundproof section on all flights. Thank you 🙂

  13. Looks great Monarch! Just a couple of things, any chance of seeing bigger sized pictures? and also there looks to be a couple of typo’s on the bottom paragraph. A33O’s has been typed instead of A330s – same goes for the A320s.

  14. I have been flying with Monarch for ten years now 2-3 times a year and the comfort, and cleanliness of the aircrafts is second to none x

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