Sparks flew when Tina and Ian met 14 years ago on a Monarch flight, who knew that just one conversation could turn in to a wonderful travel-filled marriage? Tina tells us that seeing the Monarch logo makes her feel grateful as without choosing to fly with us, she would never have met the love of her life Ian.

Tina shares her story with us: “on the 17th of May 2000 (aged 32) my school friend Loraine and I were travelling from Luton to Cyprus on a Monarch flight, I was going away with one of my friends for a girly break as many people do each year.

Sitting in the seats in front of us were these 2 young men who were also going for a break, a man called Ian and Steve. All 4 of us got talking towards the end of the flight, asking the general questions about where they were from and where they were heading. To my surprise, we were on the same transfer coach and so we carried on our conversation. My friend and I thought nothing of this chance meet as we were dropped off at our different apartments in Ayia Napa, after all it’s a big resort. Later that evening whist sitting in a bar enjoying a cocktail, we heard a shout saying “girls from the plane, can we buy you a drink?” Perhaps not the most romantic of shouts but hey, it got my attention. Ian and I then started our holiday romance for the week and I can still remember the drink I ordered!

Love is in the air

“It was the typical romance, me dragging my friends bar to bar to try and find him and then acting very cool with him by not sharing my phone number until we were back in Luton.

We have been wonderfully happy together ever since and got married in New York (yes, we like to travel) on the 17th of May, the same date that we first met in 2006! Even now whenever we are at an airport and see a Monarch Plane, we both smile at each other and say “Thank You Monarch” as without you, we wouldn’t have each other. As cheesy as it sounds, love was in the air! ”

Hannah works in the Social Media team for Monarch Airlines and as an editor of the Monarch blog. A keen traveller and skier, she loves getting off the beaten track, preferring local restaurants and trying new things to those on the main strip. On the Monarch scheduled network she especially enjoys visiting Italy and France.


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