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Join our customer services director Charlene Kane for a LIVE Facebook chat about baggage on Monday!

Here at Monarch we’re always looking for ways to get to know you better, so we can make improvements to our services that suit your needs.  We’ve learned a lot in the last year by listening to your thoughts on social media and feeding them back to various departments to improve your experience.

One of the most topical issues we’ve discussed this year is around baggage – be it luggage allowance, lost luggage, luggage costs and more. We’d love you to join us to tell us what you think.

Special event: Facebook chat about baggage
Lead by: Monarch Customer Services Director Charlene Kane
Date: Monday 29th October
Time: 12:30pm-1:30pm
Location: The Wall at


Charlene Kane customer services director Monarch Airlines

Here’s how it works

  • Help us to prepare by sending your questions about cabin baggage (AKA carry-on) or hold luggage (your checked-in bags) by email to (not compulsory)
  • Equally, feel free to pop a question in the comments below
  • Meet us at on Monday 29 October between 12:30pm-1:30pm.
  • Watch our for our post announcing Charlene’s ready to chat.
  • When you see this announcement, add your question as a comment on this post.
  • Please note: Please don’t post other separate questions relating to the chat on our wall as it’s rather easy to confuse us!

What are we going to be talking about?

We don’t like to put you on the spot, so here are a few ideas to get the creative juices flowing and your thinking cap thinking, before the live event:

  • What do you think about our new cabin baggage policy which comes into effect 1 November?
  • What sorts of issues do you face with baggage when you fly?
  • Is there something we can do to improve your experience around baggage?
  • Are there services around transporting baggage that you’d like us to consider?
  • Do you wish we would do something different with baggage policies in general? Bring your ideas along!

Contingency plans & community rules

  • This is a great opportunity to tell Charlene what you think of our baggage policies. Please try to offer constructive feedback and explain what it is you like or dislike so that we can make changes accordingly. We will seriously consider all reasonable ideas and requests, but we can’t promise we’ll be able to implement all of them
  • Please stick to the topic because in the limited time we’ll have, we won’t be able to answer anything off topic
  • Charlene will try to answer as many on topic questions as possible, that we receive by 1:30pm. If she can’t answer everything, we’ll answer as many as we can later here on our blog
  • Charlene will try to answer your questions personally, but if we receive multiple questions about roughly the same topic, we’ll try to answer them all together as a theme
  • Please only post your question once – we’ll see it there even if we don’t answer it immediately. We’ll do our best to pick it up on the blog later if there’s not time to reply
  • Please stick to the normal rules of friendly engagement, i.e. be friendly to other people in the discussion even if you disagree with their point of view, use clean language and so on. Our full ‘safety card’ gives some overall guidance
  • We are hoping for a lively, but friendly, debate. In the unlikely event of a “troll” turning up, we reserve the right to delete posts in order to minmise offense to other participants. We’re not in the business of deleting posts we don’t agree with
Look forward to seeing you there! Pop any questions below, if you’d like us to have a good think about them in advance!


  1. Hi, I booked my flights to Turkey for the fourth of July this year and I have just printed out the confirmation e-mail, however it only says that I have 1 piece of hold luggage. Could somebody please clear up if I have the 20K suitcase allowance or if I just have 5kg hand luggage? Thank you

  2. Hi,
    I am musician and I would like to take my guitar with me on board to Flight to Tobago in January I called to airlines and I was told to buy extra seat for guitar…
    What is all that about because the guitar would not fit in the lugged compartment, I don’t need it to fit I will have it between my legs if I need to?
    Or I have to cancel my ticket with your airlines and get a ticket somewhere else where I will have better service?

    • Hi Warren, sorry for this delayed reply. Unfortunately you can’t take the guitar as hand baggage because it will exceed the allowable baggage dimensions (56cm x 40cm x 25cm). You’re more than welcome to put it in the hold of the aircraft, but it will be a part of your hold baggage allowance. Unfortunately you can’t put this between your legs as this could prove hazardous in an emergency situation. I hope this clarifies things for you.

  3. Some questions:

    1. Why are you not publicising explicitly the reduction in permitted bag size: 45cm to 40cm.
    Someone could easily read the publiciy and not pickup on the change in dimension. (Plenty of people do not appear to have picked up that both bags combined need to be within the single set of dimensions).

    2. Why are you reducing the overall permitted volume by 11% (irrespective of whether done as one bag or two).

    3. Why are you using an unusally narrow bag size?

    This is very inconvenient. I use a mix of Monarch and BA, now monarch have an inconvenience factor and will frequently fall down my preference list. easyJet are currently removing one of the reasons (scrum boarding) that I currently avoid them. Very strange timing to do this bag change. I used to defend Monarch, as a-la-carte full service flying – where you could get meal, extra leg room, hold bags, any combination you wanted. However departing from standard bag sizes makes this difficult.

    4. Will Luton (where it will still be a single piece) be enjoying the older 45cm width? Otherwise it is nothing by an 11% reduction there.

    5. When was this announced/notified? How is it being notified?

    6. Why is it effective from a certain flight date, rather than a booking date?

    7. What happens otherwise to people who booked before?

    8. What about people currently away from home on trips, with bags that fitted when they left home, but wont on their return monarch flight?

    Why not simply amend the policy to say bookings made before date X can still have 45cm width – if needed.

    9. Do you understand the point that many of us, loyal customers, are saying: It is the marketing spin that is being put on this reduction that is the most sickening of all. It seems so fake – and so not like any of us would expect from you.

    I’ve flown with you on average ~6 > 10+ times a year for the last 10+ years (longer I think). Vantage club member, also BA Gold card holder, BMI International Gold, Air Canada Gold, Lufthansa Miles and More, ….
    I’ve defended you, but the spin on this is sickening.

    N.b. why not go measure your overhead bins, on the A320 series (your main stay). That way we can all have an intelligent discussion. But be open about the change to size first.

    10. Does this policy have anything to do with the nature of the aircraft you are wet leasing to operate from your new bases? Please confirm it does , or does not.

  4. Hi
    if a passenger has 2 carry on bags how will they be measured to confirm that they are suitable for your new policy?

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