January Blues

You book, pack your swimwear or skis, and life is suddenly on the up-and-up even before your plane takes off. But the real art to booking a mood-lifting January break lies in choosing a holiday that will keep the feel-good factor going after you return, too.

For some, nothing but sunshine will bring on those lasting benefits. But others swear by mountain resorts, with or without the skiing.

There’s no one-size-fits-all formula, however. If you’re having trouble choosing between Innsbruck flights and Tenerife flights, just remember: it’s about what’s right for you. Before you book, work out what you really need to feel good throughout January – and beyond.

Looking to start the New Year right?

If feeling good in January means keeping your New Year’s resolutions, you’ll want a holiday that helps. Skiing holidays can be ideal if getting fit is your goal. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned skier, tackling the slopes will definitely get your heart pumping.

Athletic Skier

Just remember that ski breaks also throw plenty of temptations in your path. So if you want to return feeling some lasting benefits from all that exercise, then go easy on the fondue and glühwein!

Want your sparkle back?

Lacklustre, limp and unlovely. That describes not only my mood, but also my skin, my hair and pretty much every inch of me come January. I simply don’t feel right. Sometimes there’s nothing for it but the feeling of sun on my skin. I know that when I go somewhere warm, I will instantly feel good, inside and out.


If that sounds like you, make it a winter sun getaway – just be sure to pack sun protection for your white winter skin. Also remember that some beach destinations get chilly or wet in January. Avoid disappointment by picking destinations with assured sunshine, such as Egypt’s Sharm El Sheikh.


Just got to break free?

Simply can’t take one more grey day? If January’s monotony is getting you down, make sure your holiday jolts you out of the everyday. Don’t just lump for your favourite destination. Your restless mood could easily infect your holiday, too, making it seem all too familiar. A change of scene is a great start. So if you usually head for the beach, why not seek inspiration among the grandeur of the peaks?

For an extra boost, try something new, too. Take a camel trek if you’re in Egypt, for instance, or invest in snowboarding lessons if you’re in the mountains. Just do one thing that will challenge you. It will give you an uplifting glow of self-confidence – and you’ll be surprised how long that can last.

What’s your favourite way to beat the January winter blues? Share what works best for you


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