It’s hard leaving 2012 behind, in all its Olympic glory and Jubilee glitter. It was a giddy ride, but its ending could easily double down on our inevitable January blues.

The inevitable hangover

As ever, we’ll be cold, cash-strapped and crying out for just a little something to lift us out of our seasonal slump. But perhaps the best tonic is to look back and savour the best moments of 2012 – while remembering that 2013 looks set to deliver some pretty high times, too.


3 things to be thankful for in 2012

Apocalypse averted

Even Lynx adverts had the world ending in 2012, in line with an ancient Mayan calendar. Here’s to our escape – not so much lucky as never in doubt, as NASA would have it[3].


A Mayan Misunderstanding


New heroes

Mo, Jessica, Bradley…the list goes on. Britain has almost too many new sporting heroes to mention, and our turn as Olympic and Paralympic hosts did the whole of the UK proud. We’ve barely come down from the buzz – and why should we? We could well keep the Olympic spirit alive by taking some New Year’s inspiration from our heroes, and shrugging off our growing reputation as a nation of couch potatoes[1].

Olympics Opening Ceremony


Strong traditions and fresh faces

2012 was a right royal year for Britain, with millions around the globe tuning in to the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations. Despite the pomp, Britain’s ruling family put paid to any sense of stuffiness in 2012. The Queen surprised her nation by starring alongside Daniel Craig in the Olympic opening ceremony, while younger royals put friendly and informal faces to their roles as TeamGB ambassadors. And we can all feel a warm glow in retrospect because the Jubilee – together with the Olympics and Paralympics –has boosted the UK’s international standing, according to a survey by the British Council[2].

Jubilee Celebrations



Top 3 things to look forward to in 2013

Hitting the road

2012 was the year we were all supposed to stay on home turf and wave the flag. And, boy, did we. But now that we’ve earned our leave, we can get ready for holiday fever in the New Year. Hot spots to visit in 2013, according to Rough Guides, include mercifully accessible destinations such as Northern Cyprus and Croatia’s Dubrovnik[4]. So here’s to cheap holidays in 2013 that are on trend, too.

Little Slon Harbour, Dubrovnik, Croatia


A new chapter in the royal story

Oh, baby – are we glad to welcome you! Those of us reluctant to see the royal hoopla of 2012 fade into memory can thrill at every step along the way to welcoming Kate and Will’s first.

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge


Familiar pleasures in a brave (wireless) new world

If you’re thinking that 2013 will be a desert devoid of the big events that made the past year sparkle, think again. Let’s not forget old favourites, whether sporting (think Wimbledon and the Ashes in summer) or otherwise. In entertainment, you can look forward to a year of blockbuster film, from Les Miserables, which opens in January, to Iron Man 3 in March.

But no matter what floats your boat, 2013 looks set to mark a turning point in the way we experience and share our kicks, as the number of mobile internet-connected devices we use will for the first time overtake the number of fixed-line devices (desktop PCs and laptops)[5].

The 2013 Tech Transformation








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