To celebrate the launch of our eight new flights to Italy, a host of Roman gladiators, Veronese opera singers and Venetian gondolas surprised passengers at London Gatwick Airport as a huge 1,000 square feet 3D artwork took over the runway. The new destinations, which launched this week, include the beautiful and historic Italian cities of Milan, Rome, Venice and Verona.

Monarch Italy 3D Artwork London Gatwick Airport
Normally a picture of this size (10m x 10m) would take a team of people 10 days to complete, however it was finished in just three. The team of artists needed somewhere to paint with 24 hour access and somewhere that was big enough to complete the picture in one piece. The answer was a warehouse 300m long where the artists pitched a tent so they could keep working night and day for three days. The picture was finally created with seventy cans of paint, six hours of sleep per person and thirty seven cups of coffee.

Managing director Kevin George said Monarch was delighted to be able to bring a little bit of Italy to London Gatwick. “We could not think of a better way to show off our new Italian connection by showcasing this 3D artwork on the runway for our passengers to enjoy. Monarch Airlines is now firmly focused on expanding its scheduled network and we are delighted to be adding the new Italian routes to our extensive range of leisure destinations across Europe.”
3D artwork close up
So how is 3D street art done? First of all, it’s usually painted by pavement artists using a grid method. The picture is sketched on an A4 piece of paper then a huge grid is pencilled onto the floor, then each grid is replicated on a much bigger scale. Due to the time constraints to deliver the picture in time for the flight launches the team decided to freehand the picture and paint it with aerosol graffiti paint.

Sam, the main artist on the project, said the ability to deliver such a complex image in such a short period of time involved swift and precise can control. “We have painted lots of 3D street art pictures before but this picture was a real challenge due to it’s size, complexity and tight deadline. My background is in graffiti so I got the aerosol paint out, got down on my knees and painted till I could paint no more!’ If you’d like to know more, watch the back story on our YouTube channel. View flights to Milan, flights to Rome, flights to Venice or flights to Verona.



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