Introducing Lisa, our cabin crew instructor and blogger extraordinaire!

Hi, I’m Lisa and I’ll be writing about the world behind the galley curtain every couple of weeks for the next few months. I hope you’ll enjoy my posts!

Way back in the 1970’s as a young girl I was fortunate enough to have family holidays abroad. I can still recall the buzz of the airport, the smell and sounds of the airplanes which were so exciting and not forgetting the glamorous ‘Air Hostesses’ which I loved and just couldn’t take my eyes off. Thinking back, I would say it was pretty much then that aviation got under my skin.

Some years later I joined Cosmos Holidays as a reservations clerk, but still with a yearning to fly I applied to be cabin crew and after flying for 3 years with another company I joined Monarch in 1990 and have never looked back.

After flying thousands of miles, serving thousands of hot meals, pouring many thousands of teas and coffees, plus visiting lots of destinations some great and some not so great, in 1997 I joined Monarch’s training department and became a safety and emergency procedures instructor. This involves training and revalidating cabin crew and pilots in all aspects of cabin safety, equipment, aviation security, conflict management and first aid.

I continue to fly onboard in various roles and more recently have also become involved in proactive groups within the company, one of which is Monarch’s ‘Green Team’ which has been introduced to help improve our onboard recycling programme.

After 22 years with Monarch, I relish and enjoy the diversity of my job which is never boring and no two days are ever the same. I’ve met many colleagues who only intended on flying for just for a few years and who like me are still flying now cos it got under their skin as well.

I’m sure Cabin Crew everywhere will agree ours is not a job but a life style and a fabulous one at that.  Thanks for reading and I hope you’ll enjoy my articles! Look forward to hearing your feedback.




  1. She is such a great person! Bubbly, funny and friendly. She trained me and another 7 cabin crew who worked at Edinburgh base 2 years ago. Had a great time doing all the drills in Luton together 🙂

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