Summer holidays are the stuff that dreams are made of – the promise of a sun-kissed break by the sea is what gets most of us through the rest of the year. So when the plane touches back down in the UK, some post-holiday blues are sure to follow. Make sure you avoid the scourge of late summer with our simple tips on how to make a smooth transition back into normal life.

Plan ahead

There’s nothing worse than returning from a relaxing break to find dirty washing in the sink and rotting food in the fridge. Empty the fridge, do the washing up and water the plants before you leave to make sure your home is looking spic and span when you get back from the airport.

Don’t rush back to work

The thought of returning to work is enough to ruin the last day of an amazing holiday. If you can, plan an extra day off to give yourself time to recover from travelling before you tackle the 3,012 emails waiting for you on the office computer.

Unpack immediately

Although unpacking your suitcase feels like closing the final chapter on a holiday, it’s much better to get it over with immediately than leaving a sorry-looking pile of swimsuits and shorts in the corner of your room.

Post your holiday snaps

The only thing better than going on holiday is showing off about it when you get home. Upload your pics to Facebook or Tumblr as soon as you can to make all your friends jealous (just make sure you delete any dodgy bikini shots first). And the memories don’t have to be just digital – why not ask everyone in the family to choose their favourite snap and make a collage of memories to put up on the wall?

Make the most of your tan

You should be feeling and looking your best after a healthy dose of vitamin D, so make sure you don’t hide away in your pjs when you get back to the UK. Throw on your favourite summer outfit and make the most of the natural daylight with a walk to the shops or a picnic in the park.

Book early and start dreaming

If you just can’t shake the post-holiday misery, then it’s time to start planning your next trip away.  There are loads of cheap holidays available now for 2013, so grab yourself a bargain and start daydreaming about your next sunshine getaway.


  1. Many times I faced a lot of problem. I have to plan first. Next time I travel I will make sure to bookmark travel tips in my bedroom wall. Thanks for the useful tips on “How to beat the post-holiday blues”
    Enjoyed reading your tips:)

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