So you get along at home in your day-to-day lives, surely you’ll get on just as fine when you’re relaxing on a beach. Well, in my experience, that’s not always the case! So here are a few handy things to remember to stop you driving each other crazy during your travels:

Spend quality time together…

When you’re on holiday, you tend to be together all the time but you’re not always spending romantic time together. So, every so often, splash out and spend some proper quality time together, whether it’s just stopping for a decent cup of coffee or having a meal out. Consider it your date night!

Top tip: Surprise your partner with something fun for you to do together, whether a romantic picnic, a special hike, or even a fish spa treatment! It doesn’t have to be romantic, but it should be a memory that you can share.


…But give each other some space! 

Whilst time together is important, equally important is time apart. You will be living in each other’s pockets so it’s good to get away and interact with other people in order to keep you both sane!

Top tip: I’m not suggesting separate hotel rooms, but you don’t need to do everything together. Divide and conquer! If you want to go to the museum, send your date off to take in the sites. Or take advantage of a shopping excursion to read a book and enjoy a coffee.

Take the easy route

When you’re travelling with someone, getting lost can cause a lot of stress. Maps with place names in unfamiliar languages combined with maybe a bit of tiredness from a late night, and suddenly you find yourself on a dirt road in the middle of nowhere, instead of that lovely coastal highway.

Top tip: Reduce the possibility of getting lost by renting a GPS with your rental car. Trust me, you’ll never regret those extra few Euros for the sake of a more relaxing drive!


Location, location, location! 

Make your whole trip romantic by heading to a romantic destination like Rome or Madeira. When you’re in a place that inspires romance, it’s a lot easier to feel thankful for having your partner by your side.

Top Tip: Pack some candles to ramp up the romance!

It’s best to budget

Money may not be the most romantic topic of conversation, but it’s important to discuss your budget and your style of spending before you go. Are you both frugal or are you big spenders? Either way it’s probably fine as long as there are no surprises!

Top Tip: While on holiday as a couple, you’re likely to be splitting the bill so it’s worth setting budgets and pooling your money from the outset. It will save you from wasting time figuring out who owes what. But don’t make your budget too inflexible! You’ll risk missing out on that once-in-a-lifetime experience or a delicious dinner.

Relax – you love each other, right? 

The number one rule for going on holiday together: Be relaxed. Even when travelling with friends, I’ve found it hard to survive a trip with tempers untested, so with a partner, it can be a challenging. You can do it! Just make time to understand each other.

Top Tip: If you’re heading on a jam-packed trip, be sure to set aside a couple of days at the start or finish. It will help you both to relax and enjoy each other’s company.

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Laura the Explorer has been travelling since she finished her university degree. A month in Thailand soon turned into a couple of years across Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Fiji, Indonesia, Iceland etc. And, at the moment there’s no reason to stop. You really don’t need to be rich to travel you just need to want it badly enough. Follow her travels at


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