No two families are the same – and no two holidays are alike, so I’ve put together my own list of great get-away ideas for families of all shapes and sizes.

Travelling with little ones

A change of scene is life-restoring for parents who’ve been cocooned at home with young children. But remember, your infant or toddler’s first trip abroad can be a big step for them – and you! To keep holidays chilled for the whole family, opt for short plane trips and plan around your kids’ routines.

Try: flights to Menorca and Majorca, to get away from it all in less than 2.5 hours

Top tip: self-catering apartments let you create a reassuring home away from home

Get-aways with grandparents

For children of all ages, trips with grandparents make for treasured memories. Make sure it’s a treat for Grandma and Grandpa too by choosing an easy-going destination with a variety of activities that mean everyone can be entertained. No matter how much fun you have together, the generation gap can start to show when you’re together for longer than normal. Plan some joint activities and some specific to each age group.

Try: a relaxed Greek island like Corfu, for fun – and a warm welcome – to suit all ages

Top tip: stay close to attractions to make things simple if you’re a solo grandparent (or parent)

Teenagers in tow

Teenagers get a bad rep. But often they’re just dying to explore the world on their own terms! Some love returning to favourite family holiday spots year after year, while others outgrow them. Get them involved in choosing destinations, and you could end up trying somewhere you’d never thought of before.

Try: somewhere really different (like Egypt) or a city with bundles of energy (such as Barcelona)

Top tip: consider destinations where you’re comfortable giving your teenager some independence

Three generation families

Even on home turf, it’s logistically tricky to get adult families in one place (with partners, children – and sometimes aunts, uncles and cousins too). But choose your destination right, and holidaying together could put a fresh spin on family gatherings. My grown-up family chose Venice and it was brilliant.  We stayed where we wanted with spouses, but could meet up at the drop of the hat because it’s so easy to get around.

Alternatively, consider villa holidays as long as you’re not worried about getting in one another’s hair. This way you can choose to spend days together or apart, and the self-catered facility means you can make meals together a real event, taking it in turns to try out creating dishes using less familiar groceries from local shops.

Try: vibrant cities like Venice and Rome, to keep a diverse bunch of grown-ups happy

Top tip: balance different budgets by choosing affordable destinations like Faro

Have you got some top tips for travelling with families? Share your thoughts below!


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