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  1. I notice today that you are now flying once again from Manchster to Almeria, although flights do not start until 2nd May, you will probably say you can’t answer the next question.
    ‘Is there a possibilty that you will start flights earlier i.e. in March?’
    Myself along with many, many others have continually asked Monarch to start flying again from Manchester to Almeria, the flights scheduled are very welcome, but myself again along with many others would require flights earlier.
    Last year before Monarch stopped flying to Almeria most of the flights in March and April were full.

    Could I please request that an earlier flight schedule is considered.

    Thank you.

    • Hi Pauline, I’m sorry but we won’t be starting the flights any earlier. I’m pleased though that you welcome the reinstatement of the Manchester-Almeria route and I hope we’ll see you onboard again with us soon.

  2. Hi Catrionna, Thank you for getting back to me so quickly, sadly the same cant be said about Avro still no e-mail. No more holidays with Monarch…..

  3. Hi Catrionna

    You said that you had passed my query on to Customer Services but I have heard nothing. As we travel on Sunday I wondered if you might chase them along please?

    • Hi Mark, I have passed this on again, but I would suggest giving them a call instead. 08719 40 50 40 (calls cost 10p per min plus network extras). Calling from outside the UK + 44 8719 40 50 40. Mon-Fri 08:00-20:00 (UK time). Sat & Sun 09:00-17:30 (UK time).

  4. Hi
    Just found this blog, Like Glyn our flight to Sharm have also been change, resulting in extra expense.
    Unlike Glyn my husband cannot take an extra day off work, he has to be in work at 7am on the Monday morning after arriving back at Manchester at 2-20am (if the flights on time) then has a 2 and a quarter hour drive back home. If the flight is not on time he may loose his job anyway.
    Our agent phoned up Avro to ask for a fight change to the day before (we were prepared to pay a admin charge) and were told that we had to pay £800 that works out at £160 each which we could not afford. The price of the flights were not much different so where did they get this price from?. We now understand that due to the size of the seats my husband will not be able to sleep on the plane.
    Thanks Avro for spoiling our holiday before it has even begun.

  5. Hi

    My family and I are flying from Manchester to Paphos on July 22nd. We have 3 seats booked for my wife and I plus our 6 year old daughter. We also will have with us our almost 2 year old son who has not got a seat booked. I understand from everything I read online that Monarch has very limited seat and leg room so I’m concerned this is going to be far too much of a crush for our comfort and that of the passengers around us ( I myself am 6’3″ so I’m expecting to stand a good part of the journey). Perhaps we should have checked this out and paid for a seat or flown with another airline but given that we have now booked is there anything you can do to assuage my concerns?

    I’m assuming that an upgrade to increased leg room seats is either too late or not possible with children?


  6. No Manchester to Almeria flight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DEVASTATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Hi,
    A few weeks ago I booked our flights from Manchester to Menorca for 11.06.12.
    While searching for something I happened to check the availability of flights today and was disappointed to learn that they had come down quite dramatically.
    My understanding is that it is a case of tough luck however as I am in retail and work for a large motor dealer I know in the same circumstance we would amend the difference so as not to disadvantage one customer over another, indeed most car manufacturers will honour the deal you have should the price go up and offer you the new deal should the price come down.
    This represents fair and ethical trading and does not lead to customer dissatisfaction.
    I realise that the counter argument will be “if the price went up would you pay it?’ however this will only happen if demand outweighs supply and customers can conscientiously make the decision to pay extra should they require.
    In this case supply is outweighing demand and the drop in price is an attempt to sell the remaining price but it does leave a bitter taste when you have booked in good faith.

    Any views?

    • Hi Garrett, thanks for your post. Customer satisfaction is very important to us and we do our best to price flights fairly and competitively to offer the best possible value for money. Fares vary according to a variety of factors which fluctuate, sometimes rapidly, over time, including demand, seasonality, the nature of the route to some extent and other prices in the marketplace. The complexity of these factors does occasionally require us to lower prices to stimulate demand closer to departure, however this not generally the norm and usually as flights fill up, prices rise.

  8. Hi Catrionna,
    we have all just found out that our Sharm flights have changed to a later flight both ways. Now i will have to pay more for car parking even though I booked that with monarch as well. Because the flight has been cancelled and we are now on a later time and it means getting an extra day of work etc, i think we should get so compensation. Could you get someone to contact me over this pls because your call centre only seems to want to take bookings and not help regular customers.

  9. Thank you Catrionna, I would appreciate that. I know its a small change in the big world of aviation but surely some one must realise what these changes cost to the customer not just in financial terms and of course to Monarch’s own reputation.

  10. I’m not very happy that with within just two weeks of booking a flights out to Sharm El Sheikh, ZB684 and ZB685, Monarch have now changed the flight times and will arrive later into our resort and later back in the UK, in fact in the early hours the following morning. That option was available to me at the time I booked, It wasn’t suitable then and isn’t now.

    Our company who the booking is made state that this isn’t a major change and no offer to change flights, refund etc will be made – however I don’t agree especially when a flight carries over to the early hours. This change will cost so much more in car parking, having a hotel to stay at at the end of our journey so I don’t fall asleep while driving home, additional costs in resorts fas late checkout will now be needed and of course not being able to have a meal at our resort as the Evening dining will have finished by the time we get there!!!!

    My good value flight from Monarch which has enabled us to have a holiday has now become so much more expensive, I should have just gone with a package from the majors. I really really don’t think I could bring myself to book with you guys again. You’re just not reliable. I understand that this goes through a moderator…. I’d be very surprised to see it appear on the site.

    • Hi Gail, thanks for your post. I have passed on your comments to our commercial and customer services teams. If you’d like, I can ask someone from customer services to contact you?

  11. Also pleased that MAN–GIB is running again. And I am also pleased that the morning flights have returned, but as well as that we can now GIB-MAN in the evening which I also think is a good move. Another good desicion by Monarch. 🙂

  12. In flight air conditioning – customer health risk
    We have always travelled with Monarch with no health problems, but during 2011 after every flight ( 3 flights in 2011 and March / April this year, 2012 I have had really bad chest infections – every time needing to be seen once or twice by a doctor both in England & abroad. Each time the infection has been bad and resulted in antibiotics and two weeks being ill.
    3 days after arriving in England on 5th April I had to receive treatment & medication again, the doctor told me that the incubation period is 3 days. 3 days after a flight symptoms appear.
    Whilst in the surgery for the second time in 6 days I sat next to a man (a stranger) waiting to see my GP who had arrived back in England and his little 6 year old girl had same symptoms as mine, also his wife. The little girl was very poorly. He had also used Monarch.
    What can you as a company do to prevent infections being spread via your on board air conditioning?
    You could advertise the fact that Monarch has ‘clean’ air-conditioning as an advertising ploy! Please help your dedicated customers stay healthy and continue to use Monarch.

  13. I will try again as my coment on 14/3/2012 is still awating moderation.

    Disapointed that Monarch changed our Gib flight in April.We booked this flight in June 2011 and found out through a friend who is on our return that it had been cancelled.Checked on the website and found that our summer flights had aslo been cancelled but we were not contacted..Staff at your call centre were not sure if the flight s were cancelled or not .Finally got sorted buy transfering flights but lost our pre booked seat numbers As a family of 5 we travel to Gib with monarch about 4 times a year and feel a bit let down by customer service.As our flight is now arriving in Gib at 7.00pm we will have missed the last bus that stops near our accomodation as it is Good Friday.When we spoke to customer services they said sorry but they could not help us. So we now have the extra cost of two taxis


  14. Hi Catrionna. I would like to say that EasyJet’s Liverpool – Gibraltar route has now become seasonal as well so I would reccomemd that you bring back Manchester – Gibraltar for the winter. It is a popular route plus the number of flights you are doing to Malaga from Manchester has decreased as well which means that people will use Gibraltar as an alternative. I am another voter to bring back Manchester – Gibraltar.

    Thanks 🙂

  15. Thank you for your reply. I must say that the service provided by Monarch has always been excellent, but this decision by the management at Monarch is a very poor one. Many people that live on the Rock with family in the north of England will now have to use Easyjet to Liverpool with their speedy boarding madness.

  16. We only found out about the cancellation of a flight back to Manchester from Gibraltar when I tried to book another seat for my mother in law ( it was available on your web site two days before). I never received a reply to me e-mail asking about this and when I finally had to ring your customer services department ( at an excessive cost) they didn’t even know that the schedule had been changed and didn’t believe me at first because it wasn’t on their system!, seemingly a different department ( I’m also waiting for the e-mail she said was being sent out to notify people of this change). This has caused considerable inconvenience as the flight was on the Sunday after Easter and my wife works at a school with term time starting again on the Monday. I thought your airline was a cut above the others but now seems to be resorting to Ryanair tactics, I know we live in a commercial world but the least we should expect is a timely notification of changes to flights and not a couldn’t care less attitude from your staff. Like Nigel I visit Spain via Gibraltar many times during the year and I’m now finding myself booking more flights with Easyjet from Liverpool – their web site is much easier too!

  17. Hi,

    Could you please tell me if the Monarch service from Manchester to Gibraltar has now become seasonal or if it has been cancelled completely?

    I just cannot understand why such a popular route has been stopped. I travel on this route very frequently and the plane is almost always completely packed, so the decision cannot be that the route is not financially feasible.

  18. Can you please tell me why I keep getting emails from you stating:-

    ………. days until you fly to Almeria

    You cancelled my booking for this flight back in November.

    Myself along with many, many people are very upset that Monarch has decided not to fly
    from Manchester to Almeria anymore, and then receiving emails asking you to book meals
    etc for a flight that Monarch has cancelled
    i.e. for a flight that does not exist is extremely bad management on the part of Monarch.

    I would request that an answer be given to why I am still getting these emails and also wish for them to be stopped,
    Unless Of Course You Decide That Are Now Flying From Manchester to Almeria.

    Thank You.

    • Hi there,

      Thank you for your post. I’m sorry for the obvious inconvenience caused by the marketing emails you’ve been sent. There has clearly been a problem in our system and I have passed your message on to our IT team to be investigated. I have also passed your message on to marketing and have requested that any further emails are stopped.

      I hope this resolves the issue for you but please let us know if you need further assistance.

  19. Disapointed that Monarch changed our Gib flight in April.We booked this flight in June 2011 and found out through a friend who is on our return that it had been cancelled.Checked on the website and found that our summer flights had aslo been cancelled but we were not contacted..Staff at your call centre were not sure if the flight s were cancelled or not .Finally got sorted buy transfering flights but lost our pre booked seat numbers As a family of 5 we travel to Gib with monarch about 4 times and feel a bit let down by customer service

  20. Hello,
    Are there any plans for Monarch to restart flying from Manchester to Almeria at all? We would like to fly there in May/June this year and cant book this directly at present? Is this likely to change?
    Many thanks

    • Hi Sherry, our programme is set for this summer but we constantly review new and former route opportunities so you never know what might happen in the future. Thanks for your question.

  21. We are also disapointed that Monarch have changed their flying times as well as the decision not to fly to Gibraltar at certain times a year.

    We book about 20 return flights a year from Manchester with Monarch to Gibraltar but now feel that we will have to change to another airline following the changes.

    Ariving at 7pm at night in Gibraltar is definitely not convienient and will be even worse if the flight is diverted to Malaga due to weather. – The new times are definitely not for us !.

    • Hi Nigel, I’m really sorry to hear that. I hope you’ll be able to continue flying with us on occasion at least. We do value your custom and I’ll certainly pass your comments on to our commercial team.

  22. Hello. Why have some of the Gibraltar flights from Manchester been cancelled (April to October 2012) and we have not been notified? We had to phone up and rebook flights this morning on alternate dates? Thanks

  23. What a pity Monarch have cut so many corners – the seats are so narrow and packed into the plane chocker-block that comfort for even the normal-sized traveller is compromised.
    The 5kg carry-on allowance is ridiculous -wheely bags weigh almost that much empty; 10kg is more realistic. I saw people reduced to carrying back-packs instead of the convenient wheely – convenient to the passenger but not to the airline obviously.
    The heated sandwiches need to be checked for freshness/ out of sell-by date. I swear, but cannot prove that a heated bacon sandwich on the Gatwick to Grenoble flight last weekend gave me food-poisoning…my body was emptying itself both ends on the 4 hour coach journey to La Rosiere following my flight -not very nice. Third time this has happened in my six decades of life…Don’t think we shall be travelling Monarch again.

    • Hi Lilian, thank you for your post. I have passed on your feedback to our operations and catering teams and will make sure this is looked into. I’m sorry to hear you felt unwell. Have you spoken to a doctor about this?

  24. Hello Monarch
    I am surprised that your flights finish in October, there are many schools having the half term holiday starting on the 29th October and going back on 5th November. We always fly with you from Birmingham for this half term holiday. The flights are always full. Can you explain why you are not catering for the half term holidays this year?

    • Hi Lance, it’s unlikely that we wouldn’t be flying during the half term holidays. It may be that the flight dates and prices haven’t yet been loaded into the system. Can I ask which destination you’re looking for in particular?

      • Hi Catrionna
        Thanks for getting back to me we fly from Birmingham to Larnaca for the October half term it would be great if you just have not loaded the flights yet, could you let me know please as we need to book up fairly quickly and its only Thomas Cook that has a flight coming back on the 5th November
        Same for Gatwick /Larnaca as friends are joining us and their half term dates for sussex are the same as ours

          • Hi
            Can you just confirm if you will be flying on those half term dates? Or who do I contact to check. I know I can keep looking on the website, but if you are not flying I need to know so I can find alternative flights, A simple yes or no will be fine

  25. It would appear that you are not now flying to Almeria from Manchester in 2012 could you please tell me if this is correct.
    Thank you.

      • I can’t understand this decision. The flights are virtually always full plus Monarch really did have the monopoly to Almeria from Manchester. they firstly discontinued the flights in winter, now they are not flying to Almeria from Manchester at all.

        Just hope that the powers that be reconsider this decision.

        Thank you.

        • Hi Pauline, thanks for your post. I’m afraid that despite appearances, the route wasn’t profitable and as a result we were unable to continue to fly it. If this changes, I’m sure our commercial team will reconsider it in the future. I’m sorry I couldn’t give you a more positive answer. I hope you have a lovely Christmas and a happy New Year.

  26. Hi i am flying again with u to Goa late December….Going is never a worry…returning always is–HOW to confirm return flights when away and on the move..A delay is always welcomed…but nice to be aware of before arriving at Dabolim….

  27. I am a vantage silver member. Use and have used the Luton to Menorca route numerous times in the past. I have a property there and friends and family visit the island quite a few times every year, even in the winter. We have always, mostly, been very satisfied with the service. I rate Monarch pretty highly. But I am disappointed with the move to Gatwick in the winter. Living in Nottingham, having to travel to Gatwick has forced us to use Easyjet to Barcelona to catch a connecting flight instead.
    Is there any chance that Monarch will reconsider? Doesn’t Luton, being more central, offer easier access to both southerners and to the forgotten world north of the Watford Gap? Does it really make sense to lose all those passengers that would fly with Monarch from Luton in the winter?

    • Hi Pablo, I’m pleased to hear you enjoy flying with us and are very satisfied with our service – our operations team will be very pleased to hear this. I’m sorry that Gatwick isn’t convenient for you, however unfortunately, if the demand for certain routes is too low, we are unable to operate flights profitably and we have to make difficult decisions like this. I’m afraid it is not likely that we will reconsider this in the near future, however I will pass on your feedback to our commercial team. Thanks for your post.

  28. I live in Manchester UK and use Monarch every year and sometimes two or three times a year as my brother lives in Canillas De Albaida in the mountains of Spain (50 mins from Malaga)., He conducts walking weeks, painting weeks and B&B as well so we are always promoting using Monarch for everyone. In fact I’m taking 7 friends with me on Monarch in February 2012 to my brother for a walking weekend. In August 2012 we are taking around 80 people to Spain from the UK as my daughter Sara Hoodfar and her fiance Chris Reading will be getting married in Spain on 25 August 2012 at my brother’s Finca. Is there anything Monarch can do to make this wedding even more extra special than it already is – we would love you to get some publicity out of it too of course!!! We have not booked our flights yet but are looking to do so probably flying out around 20 or 21 August 2012.

    I am also the EUMA UK Chairman which is a European wide network of secretaries, executive assistants and office managers and we have a Spanish group of Executive Assistants who organise annual training days as the UK group do too and we have 2 international events a year as well. We always promote attending all national events to all our member countries as well. In 2013 I am organising for all the PAs to come across to London and if you would like to get involved with us in any way like discounted fares, sponsorship putting things in our goodie bags at the conference then please get in touch. When we were in Zurich in October, Swiss Air sponsored us and also offered everyone to attend the VIP lounge at the airport when travelling back which was great. I look forward to hearing from you.

    I am also a trainer and coach for secretaries, executive assistants, personal assistants and office managers worldwide and can always promote you to the people who make the bookings!
    Sue France FCIPD INLPTA
    Author of “The Definitive Personal Assistant & Secretarial Handbook”

  29. I am looking to book a flight to Almeria Airport for March 2012 the start date on the web site is 29th March, we would like to go earlier in March if possible. This year i.e 2011 after I made a booking you added a weekly flight on a Thursday throughout the whole of March.
    Can you please advise if this will be happening again in 2012.

    Trusting you can reply to this.

    Thank you.

    • Hi Pauline, I’m sorry but I’m unable to confirm this for you. I can only suggest that you check back again in a few weeks or closer to the time you’d like to travel. Thanks for your question.

      • Thank you Catrionna,
        I can wait a few weeks, but to wait till nearer the time is not an option as we need to confirm flights, and sadly that would mean going to another flight provider. I know I am possibly asking a lot but when approx would the decision about extra flights for spring 2012 be available.

        THank you.

  30. Please – please pretty please – let my wife and my vantage membership expire together. We have been told it can’t be done because it’s computer generated, we all know you can make adjustments on a computer. We use Monarch on a regular basis.

  31. Hi there I would like to know why Monarch are moving from terminal 1 to terminal 2 at Manchester airport and why there has not been an email sent regarding this. I have just booked a flight to Malaga and do not usually read to the bottom of the itinerary email as I print of the confirmation when booking.
    This could cause some problems for regular fliers like myself who don’t think they need to read all the bumf every time they book.
    I must say that I have flown with Monarch (and only Monarch) for the last 7 years, for 4 years as a Gold member and have had very good service most of the time.

    • Hi Denise, I’m sorry, it seems you haven’t received our email which was sent out on 13 October. I hope it didn’t go straight into your spam folder? The email was sent to around 35,000 people and reads:

      “Dear Customer,

      We are pleased to advise you from Tuesday 15th November all Monarch flights from Manchester will arrive and depart from Terminal 2. Moving to the new terminal enables us to offer you an even better travel experience. We hope you will enjoy the spacious, dedicated check-in area using desks 57-72 and streamlined security process with state-of-the-art screening equipment. The new terminal also offers convenient, same level access from car, bus and taxi drop-off points to departures. This will be of particular benefit for passengers with limited mobility and those travelling with young children. We look forward to seeing you soon.

      Kind regards,
      Monarch Airlines”

      Does this help? All the best.

  32. Hi, i want to book a flight that returns from tenerife to the uk in november 2012 – can you tell me when they will be available to book online – as they dont seem to be on yet – thanks

  33. Monarch what a joke ! I have just returned from Mallorca, where the local press have picked up on there being no flights from the UK causing Buisnesses to close over the winter period, one artical states that its the first time in 25 years that they have closed over the winter period.

    Monarch are advertising in the same local paper advertising FLY TO THE UK, ALL ROUTS, ALL DATES, ALL SEATS even including a discount code FLYUK. WHAT A JOKE !! YOU ONLY FLY TO GATWICK.

    I’m sorry to inform you but the UK is not Gatwick.

    Monarch seem to be putting all there eggs in the Gatwick Basket new daily flights to Barcalona even twice on some days. people North of Milton Keynes dont want to Fly from Gatwick try basing some of the Flights From a Central Airport you may find that people will then use the Flights.

    • Hi Sue, Monarch flies to a range of UK destinations apart from Gatwick, including Luton, Manchester and Birmingham. The winter flying schedule only kicks in from this weekend. We did operate flights from Majorca to Manchester last winter, however demand was not sufficient for us to be able to continue them this winter. If you’d like to know more about our destinations and where we fly to and from, there is a handy map on our website that you can refer to: If you roll over the destinations you’re interested in, you can see how they’re linked to our UK destinations. I hope this helps?

  34. I booked a flight to Tenerife in early September for travel in November. Today, I now see that the same flight is £52.00 cheaper!!!!!!! I have telephoned your customer services only to be FOBBED OFF with same lame excuses. No offer of anything. No discount. No meal. No champagne. No apology. NOTHING. Vote with your feet people. Don’t book early ………it will cost you. EasyJet next time? Maybe even Ryanair God forbid…… least they are consistent.

    • Hi Garry, our prices fluctuate depending on demand, seasonality and in order to provide good value compared to our competitors. Sometimes the flights are cheaper closer to a departure but often they’re much more expensive. The best suggestion I can give you is to decide what you are happy to pay for a flight, buy at the time you’re happy to spend that money and hope for the best. I would also avoid torturing yourself by checking the prices again closer to departure – you’ll either feel great that you got a good deal, or the opposite. I’m not sure if the particular flight you’ve purchased is on special offer or not, but if you’d like to be the first to know about these, I’d suggest signing up for our weekly emails and keeping an eye on Happy Hour. I hope this helps you and I hope you will choose to fly with us again one day.

      • Another e-mail from you about your Happy Hour Weekend………….and guess what?………….I could have saved £52 on my booking to Tenerife in November, on the same flights, had I not booked in advance, AGAIN. NOT just a “one off” as you indicated. I feel totally ripped off by Monarch and let down to find that the closer to the flight, the cheaper it gets!!!!!!!!!!! AND you haven’t offered me anything in compensation. Not Happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Hi Garry, thanks for your post. I’m sorry you feel this way but we are unable to offer you compensation for price fluctuations. Have you seen my reply to your previous post on this subject? I hope it helps to clarify why prices change.

          • Your answer to my original post is a total COPOUT!!!!!!! AND to add insult to injury I have just received an e-mail from you to check-in online. When I tried to do this you then wanted to charge me for that!!!!!!!!!!! A JOKE???? I’m not laughing.

          • Hi Garry, I’m sorry you feel that way but I have answered the your points as clearly as possible. Online check-in has a small fee attached unless you choose your own seat, in which case your online check-in is free of charge. You can check in at the airport at no cost. I hope this helps.

    • oh gary, get a grip of yourself. that’s how airline industry works. prices go up and down depending on how many people want to buy tickets. if company’s would refund everyone the difference between prices today and last week, they’d all bunkrupt by now…stop moaning and find a way of getting cheap flights, look for them in advance, if you know you’re gonna go somewhere in couple of months keep looking at prices to see if they go down or up over couple of weeks then you’ll know how they balance and if you see they’re really cheap comparing to prices from sometime before just buy them. keep checking after to see what happens. i’ve been doing that for years and go away 4-5 a year, always for less than £50 return (obviously without any add ons)

  35. I absolutely love Monarch Airlines and consider their services way above other operators.

    Forty- four years of service is a great achievment in my books.

  36. after a 4 hour delay, ZB214 1/10/2011, the least i expected was a drink, not £2.30 for a maxpack of tea, are you part of ryanair trading under another name, own goal, well done NOT.

    • Hi Peter, I’m sorry for the late departure of your flight. I’ve looked into this and unfortunately, a delayed flight from Nairobi had a knock on affect on yours. All customers affected were due to be given a £5 refreshments voucher per person to use towards food and drink at the airport – did you receive this?

      • i contacted monarch re. compensation, only to recieve a reply telling me, the airline does not pay compensation, have you not heard of eU rules re, flight delays, next stop civil aviation authority, as you asume i will go away, WRONG.

  37. Being fortunate enough to own a property in Mallorca its such a shame that yet again Monarch decide to pull the flights from Manchester over the winter period Living in Birmingham it was a bind getting to Manchester but its much better than trying to get to Gatwick but now i will have to put up with the substandard service of BMI baby from East Midlands or Easyjet from Liverpool there are many home owners that would like a service even if over the festive period as you hold the slots from Birmingham surely its not that hard to sort

    PS try it if you don’t get the passenger loads required you can do as you have done this year REMOVED THE SERVICE

    • Hi Steve, thanks for your comment. Unfortunately during the winter it is not economically viable for us to fly this route. I’m really sorry that this is an inconvenience for you and I have passed on your feedback to our commercial team. If this decision changes, we’ll make any announcements here on our blog, on Facebook and Twitter, and of course our website, so please do keep in touch.

      • We totally agree with Colin. We know couples who are visiting Midlands, Wales and Devon over the next couple of months and are looking to fly from Barcelona, Palma or Madrid. Gatwick is OK for people living in the south, but when you live in the far north you need an extra day for driving, also the flight times are not suitable for many. Many people say that the ideal airport for Menorca during the winter season would be Birmingham as it is the centre of England.

        Is the reason you have transferred to Gatwick due to not many passengers flying via Luton? Well from people we have spoken to, you will probably get even less!

          • Re transfer to Gatwick? – Monarch have moved the winter flight to Menorca from Luton to Gatwick!

            Many people from UK live in Menorca (who like to return to UK during the winter especially over the xmas period) and have family visiting and there are people who like to visit during the winter, who do not live in the south of the UK, many are from the Midlands, North, South West, Scotland etc.

            Over the last few years, many have moaned about the Luton-Mahon winter timetable (especially the departure time from Luton) and have found alternative routes, (Mahon-Barcelona-Bristol etc etc at competitive prices and a reasonable waiting time for inter-connecting flight transfers). Monarch are now flying to Mahon via Gatwick – unless absolutely necessary who will be flying this route?
            Already know of at least 16 people who are taking the Barcelona route for xmas!

          • Hi John, I’ve checked with our commercial team and unfortunately, the numbers tell a different story for us. We tried hard to keep the route open however the route was not commercially successful. Sorry about this. Great news about Barcelona though, thanks for sharing that with us.

          • Catrionna your reply containing “Great news about Barcelona though, thanks for sharing that with us.”

            No not very good for Monarch – they are all flying Barcelona to Bristol with EASYJET as they are visiting Midlands and Devon, EASYJET have flights to Bristol every day and at good prices including the Menorca-Barcelona most are paying less than 200 euros return!!

  38. I would love to give my daughter a gift voucher towards a Monarch flight … do you have vouchers or a link with a gift voucher company?

    • Hi Janet, you can buy and redeem Monarch gift vouchers through our contact centre on 08719 40 50 40 (calls cost 10p per min plus network extras). If you’re calling from outside the UK the number is+ 44 8719 40 50 40. Opening hours are Mon-Fri 08:00-18:00 for the Winter period, Sat & Sun 09:00-17:30 and Bank Holiday Monday 09.00-17.30 (UK time). I hope this helps?

  39. Hi Catrionna. Can you tell me if Monarch have any plans to fly to Sal, Cape Verde ? With the new resorts of Vila Verde, Paradise Beach, Tortuga and Dunas beach, the demand for all inclusive and self catering holidays will increase and so far only Thomson have flights to this new exciting and beautiful destination.

    • Hi Mark, I’m afraid we don’t talk about new routes we’re considering in advance of launch as this is quite sensitive commercial information. However, I’ve passed on your recommendation to the team responsible for researching new routes so they can consider your idea. If we did choose to fly to Cape Verde, rest assured we’d announce it here on the blog as well as our website, emails, Facebook and Twitter. Thanks for your question!

  40. Where is it possible on the Monarch Website to check on the ammount of personal flying points gained?


    • Hi Veronica, what you need to do is click on ‘Manage my bookings’ on the home page, then choose ‘manage my account’ in the sub-menu, then scroll down the page to Vantage Club. To find your points update, log in with your email address and password. Let me know if you need any further help.

  41. It was bad enough that for years between Oct & April as a Northern Expat living in Menorca one would have to trek all the way down the M1 to Luton to fly in and out of the UK but no way will I be using the Monarch service out of Gatwick, Id rather fly Sleazy jet out of Barcelona, Perhaps Monarch might wish to hand over its slots to an Airline who is willing to serve the needs of the community not the pockets of its shareholders.

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