Monarch Christmas Card 2011
We don’t like to be party-poopers at this festive time of the year and we know you will all have enough on your mind without worrying about the contents of your suitcase…

However, experience has taught us that ‘Christmas’ can often mean passengers travelling with unusual items in their luggage (this includes the obligatory mistletoe… and occasionally frozen turkey!)

We hope that by reminding you of some our restricted items, we’ll be able to make your journey with us as efficient as Santa’s sleigh on Christmas Eve!

1. Please remember to check that any Christmas gifts you are carrying in your hand luggage conform to the DfT’s rules for liquids

o Please note that creams and gels are also covered by this policy

o Any items bigger than 100ml cannot travel in your hand luggage even if they are unopened and in the original packaging

o If items are under 100ml, they can be carried in hand luggage but must be presented in a clear resealable plastic bag, no greater than 1 litre capacity, limited to 1 bag per passenger

2. A wrapped gift may require to be unwrapped if the Security Officer at the airport cannot determine what it is by x-ray. Therefore, you may prefer to check the item in your checked-in luggage rather than have to unwrap it (especially important if you have gone to the effort of having it elaborately gift wrapped in a store!)

3. Remember that “snow globes” contain liquid and are subject to the same 100ml restrictions as other liquid items. Please pack them in your checked-in baggage

4. Pack all sharp items such as metal cutlery, scissors and corkscrews in your checked-in luggage

5. Christmas crackers are not permitted in hand baggage. (Sorry about that!)

6. All party poppers, fireworks and any other pyrotechnic or smoke-emitting devices are prohibited from all passenger baggage

Once again, from all of us here at Monarch Airlines, may we wish you all the very best for your Christmas break!


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