If you’ve called our contact centre over the past few days and spoken to an agent in our Luton office, you’d never have known from their professional and courteous demeanour that secretly, they’re terrified.

Why you ask? Because today, they’re being haunted by spooktacular ghouls and ghosts of all descriptions. Not only that, but the entire office has been covered with clingy spider web, from ceilings, on desks, office chairs and filing cabinets.

Giant Halloween spider leaves webby curtains all over the office


The spider web you can see in these pictures seemingly originates from a giant tarantula, measuring 2 yards across, which dominates one of the desk pods.

Giant spider drives away Monarch contact centre staff... arachnophobia!

Although he has a rather benign expression, a nearby contact centre agent apparently suffered from a severe form of arachnophobia , with fear of the massive beast turning her into a skeleton seemingly instantly (see to the right of the photo below).

Giant spider frightens contact centre agent into a skeleton

In actual fact, it’s all a bit of a laugh, really. Our contact centre staff really gotten into the spooky spirit this year, decorating their office with terrifyingly clever creations to celebrate Halloween.

Glowing eye balls, dangling skulls, scary monsters and witches’ cauldrons all add to the atmosphere, while carved pumpkins with suitably angry looking faces litter unused desks.

Monarch contact centre dresses up for Halloween

If these photos have sent shivers down your spine (or perhaps that’s just typical British weather at this time of year) you can escape to somewhere warmer with frighteningly low fares on offer during Halloween Happy Hour weekend! (See what we did there?!) Visit this page until midnight Monday and frighteningly low fares will be within your grasp.

How do you feel about Halloween? Has your workplace gotten into the spirit? Why not share your photos on our Facebook page? Visit us on Facebook to join in the fun.





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